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  • We used to spend 8–10 hours a month managing our organizational chart. Now, it takes us as little as 30 minutes. It’s a significant improvement from where we were before.”

    Adam Jackson
    HR Specialist | Carta
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  • Pingboard is one of the only tools I’ve ever seen where it’s achieved adoption at a level that exceeds expectations.”

    Mike Lynch
    Chief Human Potential Officer | Daqri
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  • Pingboard fosters a wonderful feeling of connectedness and familiarity among our worldwide remote team of over 70 employees.”

    Jenneviere Villegas
    Marketing and Culture | CircleCI
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  • Pingboard has really enhanced our community...it really adds to the connective tissue in our organization.”

    Chris Axley
    Director of IT | Exploratorium
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  • Our CEO thought it looked like an interesting solution for us—he couldn’t have been more right.”

    Alessandra Knight
    Operations Lead | Dots
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  • I don’t know what I would do without Pingboard—it’s paid for itself.”

    Kelsey Sullivan
    Manager HR & Talent Development | Maxwell Health
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  • Pingboard has been the most impactful software we’ve implemented in the last 12 months. It has become ingrained in our culture.”

    Landon Pearson
    SVP, Human Resources | Demandbase
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  • Pingboard doesn’t take much to understand in order to get going, maintain, or to use. That was huge for us.”

    Beth McFarland
    Training Specialist | BraunAbility
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  • Pingboard is so easy to roll out, and in a situation like ours where you have remote employees, it couldn’t be easier to know where people are and what they’re doing.”

    Christine Morse
    HR Manager | Postlight
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  • Open source is all about community and trust. Pingboard helps us save time and be efficient while supporting the community.”

    Mike Woster
    Chief Revenue Officer | Linux Foundation
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  • Pingboard provides the functionality that Google Apps currently does not.”

    Brian Huddleston
    Head of IT | Sumo Logic
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  • We don’t have to disrupt people with requests to update their information anymore—it’s been a big cultural win.”

    Bjorn Pave
    Director of Information Technology | POPSUGAR
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  • We use Pingboard to plan for the future growth of our company. The ability to visualize future iterations helps the leadership team quickly make important decisions about the direction we’re headed in.”

    Holly Abernathy
    People Business Partner | Uplight
  • I go on Pingboard every day and the rest of the organization is using it pretty heavily as well. Usage has been increasing over time and it is really becoming essential to our work.”

    Ellie Kendall
    HR | The Trustees of Reservations
  • Pingboard has given us the ability to properly plan for growth and hit our target goals. Before, managers spent hours building plans in org charts every month that would sometimes not even get approved. What used to take weeks to get approval, we get done in a day.”

    Natalie C.
    HR Director | Imagination
  • I have worked at my company for 4 years. I know people by their face and I know people by their name when we correspond by email, but...until you guys, it's often been super, super hard to connect a face to name! You all are the best.”

    Paul Ballard
    Guest Services Associate | Exploratorium
  • ShopKeep has been using Pingboard for over a year at this point and we love it more with every new feature that's rolled out. It's a fantastic product that has done so much to unite a company with 5 offices across 2 continents - we've received nothing but positive feedback about it!”

    Brian Kosicki
    Talent Manager | ShopKeep
  • Pingboard allows us to move quicker and be more efficient. We are growing but feel even more connected as a team. It makes it easy to know who all the new people are, reach people fast and stay in touch.”

    Tyler Tanigawa
    Director of Marketing | CBT Nuggets
  • I've deployed quite a few tools and systems in my career and I've never got this much positive unsolicited feedback from our employees.”

    Thomas Kline
    Team Manager, System Operations | LivePerson
  • It's a wonderful app! It took me minutes to build and share a 150 person Org Chart.”

    Jon Stotter
    IT Manager | DialogTech
  • Convenient way to get info about other employees of the company - who they are, how they look like, what their email is etc. Things that often get forgotten, or out of date in organizations.”

    Goran Begic
    VP of Strategy | Immun.io
  • Many HR systems provide this type of service but their interfaces are terrible, their costs are too high and their feature set is too broad. It took about 30 minutes of reviewing Pingboard to realize it was exactly what we were looking for. Since Pingboard was deployed company wide, it has become our most heavily used and productive application. Everyone here loves it!”

    David Boyd
    COO | Stratus Solutions
  • I really love how I am able to see everybody's schedules for the day and who will be in or out of the office. Much easier than having to ask people individually.”

    Ryan Card
    Executive Assistant | ArcTouch
  • I love Pingboard because our company is growing at 3–5 people per week, and without it I literally have no idea who works here anymore.”

    David Wynn
    Corporate Sales Engineer | Sumo Logic
  • It is a great tool for new hires and current employees to go to for employee directory and the org chart. The team assigned to getting Pingboard live and launched at Udemy were very helpful - so we are very thankful for your team!”

    Doris Chow
    HR Coordinator | Udemy
  • As the Office Manager, I am always using Pingboard. It keeps me up to date on important employee dates and milestones. And, it's really easy to use.”

    Karie Molesworth
    Office Happiness Manager | GoFundMe
  • Pingboard is much easier to get to know my coworkers.”

    Janna Huang
    Assistant | Sequoia Capital
  • I love Pingboard, not sure how we managed before its time.”

    Joel Knight
    VP Customer Experience | WP Engine
  • We love it! Our experience with your company has actually changed how we interact with other vendors for software solutions.”

    Molly Demarest
    Sr. Director of Operations | American Underground
  • At POPSUGAR, IT is responsible for setting up new hires and giving teams access to our expanding array of business apps. We relied on HR’s org charts, but because of our rapid growth, they were not always up to date. The workflow became tedious with time-consuming emails back and forth to HR, and hiring managers. Pingboard’s Org Chart feature eliminates the communication bottleneck, and gives us the correct information, in real time. I’m confident we do a better job supporting the business knowing where our key contributors are, and how they fit into the organization.”

    Bjorn Pave
    Director, IT | POPSUGAR
  • Pingboard has helped us in propelling a high-performance team. One of the best apps to shape a culture of open and trust.”

    Gary Reck
    Product and Tech Facilitator | Kaidee.com
  • We have a very distributed team over 7 time zones and 3 continents. Pingboard is helpful in putting a face and a story to a name.”

    Eric Kish
    CEO | Insynctive
  • This is a great resource for me (easier than any other directory when you are on the road) and I really like the weekly updates on birthdays, anniversaries and new hires.”

    John M.
    President | Ajilon
  • I lost all my contacts on my phone. A coworker said to try the Pingboard mobile app. I installed it and within seconds had all my coworkers contact info and more on my phone! #Lifesaver”

    BJ Winkler
    Senior Manager, Customer Experience | WP Engine
  • The mobile app is seriously great. Rare to see such a useful app that is also so simple. A few conversations have been had around here commenting on its usefulness.”

    Mitch Billeaud
    Strategic Solutions Architect | Spredfast
  • As a remote employee for a company that adds more new employees in a month than I can count on both my hands, Pingboard is great! If you work on a distributed team it can be hard to feel connected to your coworkers, especially if your organization is growing quickly. Pingboard brings me one step closer to my team even though I'm 1500 miles away.”

    John-Henry Scherk
    Web Strategist | WP Engine
  • I really like Pingboard, design and usability are excellent imho plus its a really useful tool, great work on it. We have everyone in Onespot set up on it now.”

    Andrew Clarke
    VP of Operations | OneSpot
  • We've had great feedback on Pingboard from our employees.”

    Andrew Allison
    Founder & Co-CEO | Main Street Hub
  • As a new hire at Spredfast, this is great to learn the company & its people.”

    Joe Curry
    Business Development Manager | Sprefast
  • Pingboard brings the employee database to the 21st century. Simple, open, accessible from anywhere—it's made a real difference in our company.”

    Bill Karpovich
    Founder | Zenoss