Used by Over 900,000 Employees

“Pingboard doesn’t take much to understand in order to get going, maintain, or to use. That was huge for us.”

Beth McFarland
Beth McFarland
Training Specialist

Read how BraunAbility uses Pingboard to keep the intimate, personal feel of a family business in its fast-growing company.

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American Underground

“We love it! Our experience with your company has actually changed how we interact with other vendors for software solutions.”


“I really love how I am able to see everybody's schedules for the day and who will be in or out of the office. Much easier than having to ask people individually.”

B-Stock Solutions

“Even though we’re spread out in different offices, we want people to work cross-functionally. But it's hard to get people on the same page. Pingboard was the solution for us!”

“Pingboard has been the most impactful software we’ve implemented in the last 12 months. It has become ingrained in our culture.”

Landon Pearson
Landon Pearson
SVP, Human Resources

Read how Demandbase uses Pingboard to ensure no matter how much they grow, everyone will still know each other's names.

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“We used to spend 8–10 hours a month managing our organizational chart. Now, it takes us as little as 30 minutes. It’s a significant improvement from where we were before.”

CBT Nuggets

“Pingboard allows us to move quicker and be more efficient. We are growing but feel even more connected as a team. It makes it easy to know who all the new people are, reach people fast and stay in touch.”


“It's a wonderful app! It took me minutes to build and share a 150 person Org Chart.”

“Open source is all about community and trust. Pingboard helps us save time and be efficient while supporting the community.”

Mike Woster
Mike Woster
CRO/COO and Founding Executive Team Member
Linux Foundation

Read how Linux Foundation uses Pingboard to save time and gain efficiencies while fostering a sense of community.

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“Our CEO thought it looked like an interesting solution for us—he couldn’t have been more right.”


“Pingboard has really enhanced our community…it really adds to the connective tissue in our organization.”


“Pingboard has given us the ability to properly plan for growth and hit our target goals. Before, managers spent hours building plans in org charts every month that would sometimes not even get approved. What used to take weeks to get approval, we get done in a day.”

“Pingboard is so easy to roll out, and in a situation like ours where you have remote employees, it couldn’t be easier to know where people are and what they’re doing.”

Christine Morse
Christine Morse
HR Manager

Read how Postlight uses Pingboard to keep its remote workforce connected and informed.

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“We don’t have to disrupt people with requests to update their information anymore—it’s been a big cultural win.”


“During this all-remote time, we added new statuses like HomeSchooling, Recharge Day, and In-office. This helps keep everyone informed about when people are available or where they're working from.”


“ShopKeep has been using Pingboard for over a year at this point and we love it more with every new feature that's rolled out. It's a fantastic product that has done so much to unite a company with 5 offices across 2 continents - we've received nothing but positive feedback about it!”

“It’s hard to think of Uplight growing without Pingboard at this point.”

Holly Abernethy
Holly Abernethy
Director of Human Resources

Read how Pingboard helped uplight ease into an acquisition

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Stratus Solutions

“Many HR systems provide this type of service but their interfaces are terrible, their costs are too high and their feature set is too broad. It took about 30 minutes of reviewing Pingboard to realize it was exactly what we were looking for. Since Pingboard was deployed company wide, it has become our most heavily used and productive application. Everyone here loves it!”


“Pingboard is a crucial part of our onboarding process. New hires can look up who someone is, where they sit, who they report to, and learn fun facts about them. It makes them feel connected to the person before a conversation even happens!”


“For a fast growing company, it's hard to keep up with new hires, let alone know which team they're on, who they report to and what they do. With Pingboard's detailed employee profile pages, it's easy to see all of this information including some additional fun facts that can be added in.”

“It comes down to our employees knowing that they're valued. Pingboard helps me show my team how much they matter.”

Ben Hubbard
Ben Hubbard
Super Dispatch

Read how Super Dispatch uses Pingboard to connect their team.

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Asure Software

“Being a small company, we don't necessarily have the budget to invest in an expensive tool. Pingboard is an important resource that our employees truly enjoy using.”

Capital Factory

“We read out Applause each week at our team all-hands. It’s amazing how far a little gratitude goes. This is one of the easiest and most affordable team-building activities we do.”

Form Energy

“As a rapidly growing R&D startup, we needed an intuituve, interactive and informative org chart to help new hires familiarize themselves with the company's structure. It lets team members know each other better, and serves as the central location for contact info, responsbilities, and more.”