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Connect with your direct reports

70% of an employee’s experience is dictated by their relationship with their manager. Give your direct reports a great experience by using Pingboard to keep track of their wins, celebrate milestones, and learn about their unique skills and interests. And with the employee calendar, you’ll never forget to wish your direct reports a “Happy Birthday!”

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Host organized and productive meetings

Whether you meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, Pingboard helps managers keep their 1:1 meetings focused on what really matters. With repeatable meeting agendas, note taking, and space to capture accomplishments, your meetings with direct reports will always be effective and productive. Plus, Pingboard provides email notifications for reminders of upcoming meetings so you’ll never be caught off guard.


Understand how your teams fit within your organization

Don’t let your team become siloed if you work in a remote or distributed environment. See how the team(s) you manage are connected to your organization or how your team members work cross-functionally with the Directory and Org Chart in Pingboard.


Help your new hires have a great first experience

Onboarding new team members shouldn’t be left to your HR department. Stay involved in your new hire’s onboarding experience by adding Onboarding Checklist tasks both for yourself and for your new hire to help them start their role off on the right foot. 

“I'm an executive. When I meet somebody, I need to know who they are and what they do. If I don’t, it doesn't boost their confidence. It doesn't strengthen their engagement. Pingboard helps me stay on top of these details.”

Ben Hubbard • COO
Super Dispatch

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