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Keep employee details updated with HRIS integrations

We integrate with widely-used human resource information systems (HRIS) to make it easy for you to power your Pingboard experience with accurate employee data. We’ll stay on top of employee detail updates so you don’t have to.

  • Securely import employee details to instantly build your Org Chart and Directory
  • Auto sync headcount changes from your HRIS to Pingboard
  • Auto invite synced employees to join Pingboard

Streamline internal comms with workflow integrations

Our integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams put Pingboard notifications directly in the “channels” your employees already reference in their daily work. You can never over communicate in the workplace – the more you share updates, the less likely they’ll be overlooked.

  • Get Pingboard notifications directly in the Teams or Slack channel of your choosing
  • See a daily summary of employee Statuses, open Surveys, upcoming 1:1 meetings, and company announcements
  • Send a Direct Message via Slack or Teams to any employee from their Pingboard Profile

Customize your workflow with Pingboard API

Use our API to build your own custom integrations and sync with other platforms. Pingboard API is comprehensive, powerful, and designed with your IT and Development teams in mind.

  • Push information from a third-party app into a custom field in Pingboard
  • Pull data from Pingboard to use in your other HR platforms
  • Pull user data from Pingboard to power the team page on your company’s website

Simplify employee access with SSO integrations

Pingboard securely integrates with the Okta, OneLogin, and other identity management platforms, improving efficiency and giving your employees one-click access to Pingboard. You can also set up a custom SSO option for your organization using our SAML 2.0 integration.

“Pingboard is a crucial part of our onboarding process. New hires can look up who someone is, where they sit, who they report to, and learn fun facts about them. It makes them feel connected to the person before a conversation even happens!”

Stanley Ung • People & Talent Partner

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