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Everyone in your organization can benefit from Pingboard.


When employees are distributed, work can feel lonely and isolating. Pingboard can help. With an employee directory, fun games, announcements, and more, your employees will always know how they fit into the bigger picture of your organization. Plus, they’ll have fun logging into Pingboard to connect with coworkers and stay in the loop on what matters most.

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HR Teams

The list of responsibilities for human resource teams is a long one, and to top it off, there’s also the challenge of keeping employees engaged across a distributed work environment. It’s a tough job, but Pingboard is here to help! With templates for onboarding, a dynamic org chart, preset employee surveys, and more, Pingboard is the ultimate solution for effective HR teams.

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With the right support, people managers can drive productivity and collaboration across teams while also ensuring employees have a positive work experience. Pingboard provides tools for one-to-one meeting management, employee milestone reminders, new hire onboarding checklists, and more, so that managers can excel and develop connected teams.

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The CEOs that drive revenue are the ones that take a people-first approach to leadership. To help CEOs keep their people at the forefront of operations, Pingboard provides a dynamic org chart, directory, and employee profiles which show who’s who, who does what, and how everyone in the organization fits into the bigger picture.

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