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Pingboard is a real-time org chart and contacts app for your team. Find people fast, delight new hires and always know who's who, who's where and who does what.

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Pingboard allows us to move quicker and be more efficient. We are growing but feel even more connected as a team. It makes it easy to know who all the new people are, reach people fast and stay in touch.”

Tyler Tanigawa Director of Marketing | CBT Nuggets

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Your team has questions—Pingboard has answers

  • Who do I ask about Billing questions?
  • Which office does Stevie work from?
  • It’s Flora’s birthday!
  • Who is Udemy's account manager?
  • Does anyone have a peanut allergy?
  • I'm sick today—how do I let people know?
  • What's Matt's phone number?
  • How many people work on the Outreach project?
  • Help! I need a Python developer.
  • Who is Mabel's boss?
  • Why isn't Sebastian in the office?
  • What's everybody's t-shirt size?
  • How do I get in touch with Marketing?
  • Who else went to Virginia Tech?
  • Who has a work anniversary this week?
  • Rob is working from the coffee shop this afternoon
  • What do people like to do outside of work?
  • I'm new here—what do I have in common with all these awesome people?
  • I'm meeting Bryan but I forgot what he looks like

Quickly discover who does what

With rapid growth, multiple offices, and distributed teams, it’s hard to know who does what or who to ask for help. Pingboard helps you find the people you need to get your work done smarter.

  • Your org chart always up to date
    Never fiddle with clunky org chart software again.
  • Integrate new hires
    From day one, new employees can see how they fit into the company.
  • Share with stakeholders
    Share a secure link directly to your org chart, embed it dynamically into your intranet or export a copy for your next board meeting.

Put a face to a name

When a new person joins your team or an unfamiliar name appears in a meeting invite, pull up Pingboard to instantly discover who they are.

  • Fast, intelligent search
    Find people by title, project, skill, team, location, start date, and more.
  • Customize to fit your team
    Find sales people by customer account or developers by programming language. Incorporate your unique culture: if you run a pet supply company, let people find coworkers by the breed of dog they own.
  • Beyond an employee directory
    Learn who went to your college, get alerted about birthdays, or organize a group to play badminton after work.

With 175 people, Pingboard pays for itself. We save at least one hour per employee every month, plus several hours per new onboarded employee so they can learn the org and make connections to colleagues faster.”

Mike Woster Chief Revenue Officer | Linux Foundation

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Always know who's out

Your team isn't always in the office when you need them—they might be working remotely, sick, or vacationing on a tropical island. You need to know and payroll and HR systems don't cut it. Pingboard keeps you in the loop.

Set your out of office status on mobile
  • Set your status on the go
    Update others on your status with our native Android and iPhone apps.
  • Sync with Google Calendar
    Keep employees’ time off in sync with the calendar apps you already use.
  • Real-time sync with Slack & Hipchat
    We'll manage an Out of Office channel for you in your favorite chat app and push information about who's out, as it happens.
  • What's happening this week
    Get an overview of the coming week with a helpful Monday morning email letting you know who on your team will be out, as well as birthdays, anniversaries and new hires.

Who is Pingboard for?

  • Leaders of growing teams

    Once a team gets over 30 people, productivity suffers. Keep your company moving like a startup.
  • Managers of distributed teams

    Distance has its challenges, but Pingboard helps keep your team connected.
  • Your employees

    Empower your employees with the information they need to get stuff done as a team.

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