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Pingboard for people-first CEOs

Employee Visiblity

Understand how your people work together

People-first CEOs take the time to get to know each of their employees and understand how each person fits within their organization. With an Org Chart that’s easy to reference and a Directory connected to robust Employee Profiles, it’s easy to see who’s who and who does what.

Productive Communication

Reinforce and streamline internal communications

Set the tone for your entire organization by providing clarity around what’s important to you and to the organization as a whole. Pingboard helps CEOs and other leaders reinforce the mission, vision, values, and other important internal comms in multiple ways so that employees can internalize what really matters.

Learn how Pingboard helps you drive connections

Meaningful Connection

Put a face to a name for everyone in your workforce

Show your people you care by taking the time to learn their names and what they do with the Who’s Who game in Pingboard. CEOs everywhere love using this fun quiz game as a tool for learning who you’re interacting with at company meetings and events.

Easy Alignment

Align your employees on company goals and values

When employees feel connected to your mission, vision, and goals, they are more likely to be engaged in their daily work. Pingboard helps CEOs amplify company details by making them easily accessible on your Company Page and encouraging employees to connect Company Values to Applause (peer recognition) given in Pingboard.

“We read out Applause each week at our team all-hands. It’s amazing how far a little gratitude goes. This is one of the easiest and most affordable team-building activities we do.”

Joshua Baer • Founder & CEO
Capital Factory

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