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Our Story

We began in 2013 with a mission to modernize how information is shared inside of companies. Why is it we can get any answer in seconds outside of work, but not at work? We believe that democratizing company information is essential for companies to be successful today. It's also the key to making employees happier, more effective, and more connected to their coworkers.

With Pingboard, everyone in the company has quick access to a powerful org chart that includes contact info, who’s out sick or working remote, birthdays and anniversaries, and who knows Ruby or loves to bike.

37,000 people at 250 companies use Pingboard

Our customers come from diverse industries and locales. They are growing, progressive companies that care deeply about their employees and their culture.

We're a product focused team that has spent our careers building software that makes business run better

  • Bill
    Bill Boebel


    Prior to Pingboard, Bill was CTO Rackspace Email. Previously he co-founded Webmail, the largest provider of business grade email hosting, and Capital Factory, which helps entrepreneurs in Austin build great companies.

  • Robert
    Robert Eanes


    Prior to Pingboard, Rob was hands on building highly scalable internet software for a number of companies.

Pingboard team photo, Oct. 2016
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Plus angel investors who lead amazing companies such as

Indeed • WP Engine • Rackspace • RapLeaf • LiveRamp • RightSignature • Airbrake • Trulia • OpenWave • Dots • Platfora • Words With Friends • Bazaar Voice • Microsoft SharePoint • E-Trade • Axiom • Webmail • Olark • ProfitFuel • HomeAway.