We believe that transparency builds trust, and trust propels teams.

The Pingboard team as of April 2021

Disconnected teams: A problem we could fix

We saw first-hand how many companies don’t get the basics right. Employees swim in a sea of software and apps, yet they don’t have the context that helps them work well together on the daily.

We knew we could fix that.

We built Pingboard on the foundational belief that employees on the ground should be empowered to make decisions and move quickly, and that they should have access to the essential info that helps them do this. That obviously requires a great deal of trust in your people and a level of transparency that some organizations aren’t comfortable with. But frankly, it makes the most business sense. People who feel empowered are more motivated, interested, connected, and overall effective in their roles and as a team. They’re happier, the culture is better, and the company is healthier.

What's Pingboard?

Pingboard gives your employees access to essential information about people, teams, and the company. It’s how people keep up with who's who and what’s new, see when coworkers are available, and celebrate each other. Pingboard helps new hires onboard faster, surfaces engaging info at just the right time, and helps people connect with their coworkers on a deeper level.

We're a product-focused team that's spent our careers building software that helps businesses run better.

  • Rob Eanes
    Rob Eanes
    Founder, CTO
    Rob runs Pingboard's secure, scalable product architecture. He leads the development team and is hands on with its most critical parts. He previously built several large scale business systems.
  • Cristin Kenney
    Cristin Kenney
    VP of Product
    Cristin Kenney is the Vice President of Product at Pingboard. She leads the Product Management and Product Design teams. Over the past 15 years, Cristin has worked in a variety of industries, company sizes, and company stages. She was delighted to bring her talents to Pingboard where she is driven by the notion that employees should feel valued and supported. She holds a BA degree from Louisiana State University and MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.
  • Andrew Fear
    Andrew Fear
    VP of Marketing

    As Vice President of Marketing at Pingboard, Andrew brings 15 years of experience building and managing high performing marketing teams. With two successful acquisitions under his belt, Andrew has been instrumental in driving demand and growth at companies in both EdTech and B2B SaaS. As a people manager for almost two decades, Andrew is thrilled to be at Pingboard where we are working to radically improve the employee experience for remote teams.

    When not working, you can find Andrew hiking or biking with his wife and two kids or immersed in an excellent book.