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Pingboard is the real-time, collaborative org chart software that makes it easy to organize teams, plan for growth, and keep everyone informed.

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Our Master Plan

Our mission is to revolutionize people planning. As companies scale, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage hiring plans across the organization, design career paths, and adopt new agile organizational models. We are creating software that reimagines how these things get done.

Here's our 3-part master plan to revolutionize people planning:

  • Modernize the org chart

    Inside most companies, vital information about who does what and who reports to who isn't available when it's needed. Maintaining the org chart is a time-consuming task that begins with exporting data from an HR system and ends with manually creating the org chart using PowerPoint or Visio. These static files are shared over email or posted to the intranet and quickly become out of sync with reality, making it difficult to trust for business critical tasks. Pingboard solves this, as the first real-time org chart.

  • Expand the org chart into a collaborative people planning tool

    Most companies do their hiring planning, reorgs, and succession planning with whiteboards and spreadsheets. We’ve come up with a better way, by adding a second dimension to the org chart—time.

    Leaders will be able to fork the live org chart, modify, and share it. Roles and career paths can be discussed in context, aided by data-driven insights from across the Pingboard network. Future plans are approved and merged, then open positions can be shared with the whole company so everyone is involved in the recruiting process. Employees can scroll ahead and see what the company will look like in 6 months, and new hires can scroll back to the beginning and see how the company took shape.

  • Introduce new organizational models, such as cross-functional teams

    Companies that rely solely on a vertical chain of command are at risk of getting outpaced by more agile competitors. New company structures are being created by the world’s best companies, to bring employees closer to customers and products and allow teams to form and re-form on the fly as priorities evolve.

    With this third dimension of the org chart in Pingboard, companies can manage their expertise across projects, customer accounts or product lines, allowing companies operate as a flexible network of teams, rather than just as a top-down hierarchy.

In short, the master plan is:
Modernize the org chart,
Revolutionize people planning,
Help companies organize in smarter ways.

We're a product focused team that has spent our careers building software that makes business run better

  • Bill Boebel
    Bill Boebel


    Bill runs Pingboard. He previously was CTO Rackspace Email and co-founded Webmail, the largest business-grade email hosting company at the time. He also co-founded Capital Factory, which helps entrepreneurs in Austin build great companies.

  • Robert Eanes
    Robert Eanes


    Rob runs Pingboard's secure, scalable product architecture. He leads the development team and is hands on with its most critical parts. He previously built several large scale business systems.

  • Brian Bailey
    Brian Bailey

    Director of Product

    Brian runs product and support at Pingboard. He previously served as a product manager at Return Path and was part of Gowalla's founding team.

  • Cameron Nouri
    Cameron Nouri

    Director of Growth

    Cameron runs sales and marketing at Pingboard. Prior to Pingboard, Cameron helped develop sales and marketing teams from the ground up at both Webmail and Rackspace.

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