Pingboard is now a Workleap company.

The combined platforms of Pingboard and Workleap provide powerful solutions to simplify your work experience and drive business forward.

Simon De Baene, CEO and Co-Founder of Workleap
"We're ambitious at Workleap, and we're relentless in our mission to make the work experience simpler. We're really excited about adding Pingboard's leading Org Chart and Employee Directory capabilities to our platform. In this new hybrid work era, being able to easily visualize and understand the workplace is incredibly valuable.”

Simon De Baene

Pingboard's Origins

Pingboard was built on the foundational belief that employees should be empowered to make decisions and move quickly, and that they should have access to the essential info that helps them do so. That obviously requires a great deal of trust in your people and a strong level of transparency. People who feel empowered are more motivated, interested, connected, and overall effective in their roles and as a team. They're happier, the culture is better, and the company is healthier. With these sentiments in mind, Pingboard was created.

What is Pingboard?

Pingboard provides solutions for internal communication and employee connection to companies that have a remote or distributed workforce. Our platform features help everyone in an organization see who is who and who does what, and then connect with those colleagues in a meaningful way.

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What is Workleap?

Workleap builds products that help organizations get one step closer to business excellence. Their ecosystem of powerfully simple employee and digital experience solutions ensure that all over the world, businesses can do their best work.

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