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We started Pingboard because we believe in transparency, connectedness, and empowerment at work. We run our company this way and build products that make it possible.

Laith Dahiyat “We want Pingboard to be the place where you do your best work. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn as we help our fantastic customers plan and grow. Doing that alongside an amazing team of talented, interesting, funny, ego-free people is a pretty great way to spend the day.”

Our Values

  • Engagement is at our core
    Engagement is what we deliver to our customers. It’s in our DNA. We put relationships and people first and doing so helps us engage better; not only with our peers but also with our customers and partners.
  • We are proactively transparent
    Active transparency builds trust, and trust propels teams. Pingboard encourages honest feedback, realistic plans and leaders who respect team members. Transparency is about sharing our knowledge internally and externally, staying accountable and trusting each other!
  • We’re here to grow
    Just like water to plants, we deliver continuous feedback to nurture growth in all areas; professionally and personally. We support each other in our goals and choose to invest in our team members; Pingboard values potential over experience.
  • We strive for inclusivity
    We embrace diverse perspectives and ideas, ask questions to understand, respect others, and challenge our personal biases. We are proactive about improving our hiring process and shaping our work culture to foster a diverse workforce. Pingboard is committed to creating an environment where we all have access to the same resources and opportunities.


  • Full Health Benefits
    We offer multiple health plans, a dental plan, and vision to maintain good health. 100% of the cost is covered for you, plus the flexibility to customize a plan for you and your family.
  • Home Office Funds
    Working from home requires proper equipment and tools to be successful and productive. We take care of providing you with all of the essential needs and a monthly stipend to enhance and keep your home office running.
  • 401(k) + Company Match
    We have a 401(k) plan and we provide a matching option to help you build up your retirement savings.
  • Stock Options
    You can own a piece of our future success. Every employee gets stock options that "vest" over time—the longer you're here, the more you'll earn.
  • Flexible Time Off
    We all need time away from work for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we want you to take as much time as needed to care for the kids, go for a walk, care for yourself, go on vacation, you name it - the time is unlimited.
  • Company Holidays
    We enjoy celebrating 13 holidays each year where we all take time off from work together.
  • Parental Leave
    We offer paid parental leave to bond with your newest addition.
  • Open Books
    Want to see our growth metrics, strategic plans or how much cash we have in the bank? We’ll show you.
  • Remote-First
    We hire from all 50 states and design the way we work such that our people can be located anywhere!
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Why We Work Here

Cameron Nouri
Cameron Nouri
VP of Growth

“It’s rare to find such a young company with so much talent and expertise. I was drawn to Pingboard because of the team here and the opportunity to build something new from the ground up. I joined at the end of 2014 and now with a few years under my belt, I can tell you that joining Pingboard has been the best decision of my professional career. We have a diverse team with different perspectives, experiences and most importantly – opinions. We don’t always agree, but we always respect each other’s opinions. I find it invigorating to be able to have the ability to offer my opinions to all aspects of the business and for those opinions to be valued by the rest of the team. From sales to marketing to product to design to culture – literally I feel comfortable to add my perspective to any aspect of the business.”