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Meaningful Connection

Connect the distributed parts of your workforce

You can't be present for every moment for each employee. Pingboard helps your workforce connect and develop meaningful relationships in the workplace with features that show who is who, who does what, how employees are connected, and how each person fits into the larger organization.

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Productive Communication

Prioritize important information to keep employees engaged

Streamline the way you communicate with employees. When you prioritize vital information, you'll minimize repetitive queries, boost employee confidence, and ensure everyone stays informed and connected no matter where they're located.

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Interactive Discovery

Encourage employees to get to know each other

The Who’s Who, face-to-name matching game is a customer favorite. With this game, you can help employees recognize each other, no matter how big your organization. Unique employee profile fields and robust search functionality throughout Pingboard also ensure that making discoveries about your workforce is easy and fun.

Simplified Planning

Organize your future workforce

If your organization is constantly growing or changing, it’s important to have a plan. Create planning org charts in Pingboard and invite other stakeholders to collaborate and comment on progress, so that you and your team can explore potential hiring scenarios, M&A impacts, and other changes that can affect your company.

Seamless Customization

Make Pingboard your own to match your company's culture

Every company is unique. Customize Pingboard with your own terminology, company logo, values, and other details that make your company’s culture your own. From the Team names in your Employee Directory to the fields used on your Employee Profiles, Pingboard is completely customizable.

“Pingboard is a crucial part of our onboarding process. New hires can look up who someone is, where they sit, who they report to, and learn fun facts about them. It makes them feel connected to the person before a conversation even happens!”

Stanley Ung • People & Talent Partner

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