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Understand your company's structure with the Org Chart

Easily create a dynamic org chart to see who reports to who and how your different departments fit together. You can scan the Org Chart for a quick reference guide, or dive deep into employee profiles to learn more about the people you work with.

  • Integrate with your HRIS system for automatic updates
  • Add open roles to show which departments are hiring
  • Visualize cross-functional team structure with a matrix view
  • Use a Planning View to explore ideas for a reorg and think through hiring plans
  • Create a secure sharing link to share your Org Chart with external stakeholders

Learn who’s who with the Employee Directory

This searchable directory makes it easy to find people across locations, departments, teams, and more. Each employee tile in the directory connects to a rich employee profile so you can quickly get to know your workforce.

  • Customize Directory terminology
  • Use filters or search to find people quickly
  • Integrate with your HRIS system for easy setup

Strengthen employee connections with Profiles

Tell employees who you are and build meaningful connections when you fill out your Employee Profile in Pingboard. Profiles include a picture, name pronunciation, local time, skills, interests, and other important details that will help your employees get to know each other on a personal and professional level.

  • Highlight your recent work wins and Applause
  • See what skills and interests you have in common with others
  • Get in touch via Slack or Microsoft Teams with one click

Gamify employee networking with ‘Who’s Who’

We’ve made it easy for you to put faces to names despite working in a distributed or remote environment. Learn about the wonderful people who work in your organization with this fun quiz game.

  • Filter the game by departments, locations, groups, or teams to focus your learning efforts
  • View a scoreboard to see who has the top scores and longest streak
  • Play often to improve your employee knowledge

Celebrate and recognize achievements with Applause

Peer recognition is a huge driver of employee engagement. Build a culture of appreciation by giving and highlighting shoutouts in Pingboard using the Applause feature. 

  • Connect peer recognition to your company values to highlight culture-boosting moments.
  • See recent employee Applause on their Profile, in the Weekly Email, and on your Pingboard homepage.
  • Connect to Slack or Microsoft Teams to make sure Applause gets extra recognition.

“Pingboard has been the most impactful software we’ve implemented in the last 12 months. It has become ingrained in our culture.”

Landon Pearson • SVP, Human Resources

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