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8 Types of Business Organizational Structures [+ Free Downloadable Org Charts]

Large or small, every organization should operate with a defined organizational structure. A well-thought-out and strategic business configuration clarifies reporting relationships and supports good communication – resulting in an efficient and effective work process flow. The board and senior leadership should be the group that determines the type of organizational structure that would best support the internal operations, how work…

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Types of Business Organizational Structures

Developing a Culture of Collaboration: 11 Key Ideas for Creating One

“We’re creating a culture of collaboration!” – It’s easy to say, harder to do. When you bring different people with different backgrounds, intentions, responsibilities, and personalities together, teamwork isn’t always natural. It doesn’t always work. People don’t suddenly gel. It’s up to the organization involved to make it happen. Companies often struggle to build a culture where cross-functional teams want…

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6 Concepts That Help Create A Culture of Collaboration

10 Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Need To Ask (+ Free Downloadable Template)

What is Employee Engagement? Engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. To create an environment where people flourish, employers need to understand what it means to be an engaged employee and how to manage people for engagement in their workforce. Employee engagement is about individual and organizational performance. Employees who…

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10 Employee Engagement Survey Questions (+ Template)

How to Write Employee Self-Evaluations [+ Free Downloadable Templates]

The key to annual performance reviews that produce real results are employee self-evaluation forms. Self-evaluations increase the likelihood that employees will internalize and act on suggestions for growth from their supervisors. This article briefly covers the method for choosing self-evaluation questions and how to interpret the responses so that employees are more likely to grow from their performance review. We’ll…

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How to Write Employee Self-Evaluations + Self-Evaluation Templates

The Importance of Effective Collaboration in the Workplace (and Software Tools To Help)

We’ve all heard that two heads are better than one, and nowhere is this more true than in business. Brainstorming innovative ideas, building an amazing company culture, creating a seamless customer experience — it all depends on successful collaboration in the workplace.  But employee collaboration looks different today. It’s been redefined in the new era of remote work ushered in…

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Employees Collaborating In The Workplace To Complete A Project

New: Turn your managers into coaches with Pingboard 1:1s

Everyone craves a functional, healthy relationship with their manager. But too often, employees are left to build that relationship in bits and pieces via Slack messages, emails, or, in pre-pandemic times, water cooler chats. The ingredients for healthy employee/manager relationships are two-way communication, storytelling, empathy, patience, accountability, vulnerability, and trust. This recipe for a better employee experience can quickly become…

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140 Open-Ended 1:1 Questions to Build Trust and Create Better Working Relationships

1:1s are a time to build trust in relationships between managers and employees – for both people to show they value each other’s opinions, work, and feelings. These meetings are a priceless opportunity to have the undivided attention of the other. But sometimes these interactions can seem fluffy and sometimes even awkward, or worse–it becomes a conversation focused on work…

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10 Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Preventing Employee Burnout

10 Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Preventing Employee Burnout  For over a year, the pandemic has created conditions, such as working in isolation and dealing with rapidly shifting priorities, that have made your people especially susceptible to burnout. Just one individual person feeling the effects of burnout takes a toll on everyone around them —their peers, their manager,…

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Preventing Employee Burnout

Is Your Team Burned Out? How to Recognize It (and Take Action!)

If your company shifted to remote work due to the pandemic, your team members have now spent month after month walking just a few steps inside their homes to “commute” to work each day. On the surface, they might seem fine for the most part. They’re attending all their Zoom meetings, making progress on various projects, and perhaps even joining…

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burned out

The Power of Understanding Every Personality on your Team

The grass is greener where you water it  A few years back, the so-called “two-year-itch” was rebranded for the workforce. Originally coined to diagnose marriages in choppy waters, it now described employees—mostly Millennials—who were already getting fed-up at work and were now ready to test the job market. Given our open-book culture, the sentiment makes sense: When we have unfettered…

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