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The employee experience isn't confined to your office. Make it easy for employees to access information, make connections, and stay aligned while on their mobile device.

  • View a mobile-friendly version of the Org Chart and Directory
  • Get Status, Applause, and 1:1 Meeting notifications on your mobile device
  • See what's new at your company at a glance
  • Sync contacts from Pingboard to your mobile device

Update your status on the go

For teams working in the field or traveling to multiple locations throughout the week, Pingboard makes it easy to communicate where you are with just a few taps. You'll also have an easy-to-navigate mobile view of the employee calendar to quickly see who's in and who's out.

Encourage walking 1:1 meetings

Want to get some fresh air during your next 1:1 meeting? Access your full meeting agenda, add and review notes, and track updates from your mobile device so you can take a meeting from your phone, while remaining connected and productive.

“If I want to text or call somebody on any team, I can do it straight from Pingboard's mobile app, which is so easy.”

Katia Olivera • People Business Partner at

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