Product Updates

We're building the best way for companies to organize teams, plan for growth, and keep everyone informed. Here are a few things we have planned and updates on our latest releases.

Latest Updates

  • Mar 21, 2024

    New Org Chart Filters • Select a filter of the Group, Team, Location, or Department of your choice for a specific view of your org chart. You can also filter the org chart to view a Group, a Team, or a Location within a specific Department.
  • Nov 1, 2023

    Applause Values • Add deeper context and meaning to everyday feedback by enabling any employee to select your company's pre-configured values when giving Applause. With Applause tracking features, your employees see how their success ties into your overall mission, increasing their sense of connection to your company.
  • Sep 13, 2023

    Teams Matrix • Organize your workforce by cross-functional team and easily visualize how teams map out across your company with a matrix view of your company alongside your traditional org chart. Show how your work is done so pertinent information like resource needs or responsibility stands out.
  • Aug 17, 2023

    Ceridian Dayforce Integration • We've added the Ceridian Dayforce integration for Pingboard! When you integrate Ceridian Dayforce, your data is automatically synced in Pingboard, too. This means new employees will automatically be added to your org chart, and directory while also giving them access to the flashcard game, 1:1s, and peer recognition. You can even begin sending them surveys. By automating this part of your onboarding process it's less for you to update manually and your new hires will gain immediate access to Pingboard which helps them learn who's who, who does what, and see how they fit into the bigger picture. (Ceridian Dayforce is our latest addition to our growing list of HR software integrations!)
  • Aug 9, 2023

    Microsoft Teams Integration • Do more in Pingboard from the tool you already use! With the new integration, any Calendar Status updates, Applause, or Celebrations (birthdays, work anniversaries, company holidays, and new hires) that have been added in Pingboard will also be communicated with a notification in Teams. The integration also adds Teams handles to Pingboard profile pages, so your employees can connect faster.
  • Jul 21, 2023

    Onboarding Checklist Assignments • Easily track and manage all the tasks required to bring on a new employee by assigning onboarding items to any employee in your company. Assignees can find assignments on the new My To-Dos tile on the Pingboard homepage.
  • Jul 21, 2023

    For Me on Mobile • Employees can find their To-Dos, 1:1's, Surveys, upcoming Statuses, and Recent Wins so that they can quickly stay in sync with your company away from the computer.
  • Jul 12, 2023

    Company Page • The new place for employees to find key information for your company, including Mission, Values, Links, and more!
  • May 31, 2023

    Advanced Roles & Permissions • Get the right people into the right tools with our improved roles and permissions.
  • May 31, 2023

    Onboarding • Managers or anyone with descendants in your org chart can now create onboarding profiles or add tasks for anyone in their reporting chain.
  • May 17, 2023

    Rippling Integration • We've added the Rippling integration for Pingboard!
  • Mar 22, 2023

    Sage HR Integration • We've added the Sage HR integration for Pingboard!
  • Mar 2, 2023

    Workday Integration • We've added the Workday integration for Pingboard!
  • Mar 1, 2023

    Onboarding • Is a critical, early engagement driver. Let Pingboard help you automate your annoying repetitive tasks while delighting your new hires with a polished first impression.
  • Feb 9, 2023

    Analytics Page • Learn more about how you and your employees are using Pingboard!
  • Feb 1, 2023

    Improved Slack Integration • Checkout our new Slack-Pingboard app! One place to see all the information you need
  • Feb 1, 2023

    New Integrations • We now integrate with Justworks, Paylocity, and UKG.
  • Feb 1, 2023

    Surveys on Mobile • Now you can get a pulse on your team using Pingboard surveys on mobile!
  • Jan 18, 2023

    Announcements on Mobile • Now your employees can keep up with important company announcements on the run
  • Dec 7, 2022

    1:1s on Mobile • Having a walking 1:1 is a much more engaging experience (and a nice break from being on camera)
  • Oct 13, 2022

    Navigation Updates • Employees often fail to adopt a new tool due to poor UX. We've made some changes to make Pingboard more intuitive and easy for everyone to use!.
  • Aug 31, 2022

    Notifications • Big and small moments matter in each employees journey, but managers need help keeping up! Notifications keep everyone feeling updated, celebrated and supported.
  • Aug 9, 2022

    Name Pronunciation • Your employees can now record exactly how to say their name for others to access on their Pingboard profile. Creating a sense of belonging and inclusivity is a significant piece of your employee experience puzzle!
  • Aug 8, 2022

    Group Contact SyncingThis feature is great for organizations that need to communicate using a company phone or if you want to add a coworker's contact info to your mobile contacts.
  • Aug 2, 2022

    Applaud multiple people • Often times there are multiple heroes on a big win or project. Now you can applaud up to 10 people in one Applause submission! This is a better experience for the sender who might have many people to thank for going above and beyond to drive your company forward.
  • Jul 27, 2022

    Org Chart Navigation Updates • We've created a more robust, flexible Pingboard by improving the experience of navigating your org chart. Some benefits are summarized in this quick video!
  • Jul 20, 2022

    Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar Syncing • What good is a 1:1 meeting if the other person doesn't show up? From now on when you create a new 1:1 in Pingboard, it will also add the event to your Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar. Need to reschedule? No problem! Once you turn on sync for either platform, any changes you make will automatically reflect on both people's calendars. This change allows you to focus on building relationships, not keeping up with the logistics of the meeting.
  • Jun 22, 2022

    Add Up to 30 Status Types • The Status add-on helps your team see who's where, when, and who's available or not. Every organization asks itself different questions about availability, and Pingboard's status add-on helps Admins customize your setup for your organization's needs quickly and easily. The new limit to how many statuses you can add is 30 (up from 10)! Customize to your fit your unique culture, across locations and geographies.
  • Jun 22, 2022

    Updated Who's Who • We made some recent updates to everyone’s favorite employee-centered game! Who's Who was recently gamified to make it more competitive and drive usage by your employees. We added different categories to compete in, as well as a timer feature on each question and a leaderboard.
  • Jan 19, 2022

    Add People to Multiple Roles in Your Org Chart • One of your top requests is here! Sometimes a person has more than one role and you want to reflect that in the org chart. Maybe the current manager of the Support team is temporarily leading Customer Success, too. Now, you can add them to another position and it will be shown in the org chart and on their profile.

    This article covers everything you need to know, including the implications for your data sync or CSV imports. We’re excited to share this with you!

  • Nov 15, 2021

    All-new Mobile Apps • We rebuilt our iPhone and Android apps to provide a better experience and add new features faster. This release also includes the Who’s Who 2, with streaks and more!
  • Nov 8, 2021

    Who's Who 2 • We’ve created a new Who’s Who for your phone and brought it to the web, too! This version introduces streaks, along with a bunch of improvements. Compete with your coworkers to see who knows the company best!
  • Aug 18, 2021

    Integrate with Microsoft Outlook • With our Microsoft 365 integration, you can now sync statuses with Outlook calendars! When combined with the Status feature, employee calendars will automatically reflect when someone is on vacation, out sick, or working remotely. Just update your status in Pingboard and the rest takes care of itself.

    Here’s how to enable the calendar sync—just flip the switch on your Microsoft integration page. If you haven’t set up your Microsoft integration yet, start here.
  • Jul 27, 2021

    Wins • Employees can now create their personal highlight reel by capturing their accomplishments in Pingboard. With each 1:1 meeting, we ask, “What work are you proud of recently?” Wins are shared with the employee’s manager and included in the next 1:1.
  • Jul 22, 2021

    Private Notes • The shared agenda is at the core of 1:1s, but sometimes you want to add sensitive topics that can’t be shared ahead of time or take notes just for yourself. You can do both with private notes.
  • Jun 14, 2021

    1:1 Meetings • Employees crave regular feedback, but managers don’t always know how to conduct an effective 1:1. Our new 1:1 feature enables managers and their reports to collaborate ahead of time, so they can focus on relationship building and employee growth.

    Once a 1:1 is created, the manager and employee are reminded to prep beforehand by adding topics to a private, shared agenda inside of Pingboard. Agendas include comments, so updates can be discussed ahead of time.

    1:1s meetings include other great features, like:

    • Use notes to summarize the discussion and next steps to keep everyone on the same page.
    • Past agendas are saved, so it's easy to revisit decisions later.
    • Get notifications when topics and comments are added, so everyone is prepared.
    • Mark a topic as recurring to automatically include it each time.
    • If a topic isn't covered, move it to Next Time and it’s added to the next agenda.
  • May 13, 2021

    Microsoft 365 • Pingboard now integrates with Microsoft 365! New employees sync to Pingboard automatically, including names, job titles, photos, managers, and more. Plus, they're kept up-to-date as changes are made. Employees can sign-in to Pingboard with their Microsoft 365 account, too. Learn more here.
  • Mar 9, 2021

    Calendar • It's easier than ever to see everything happening today, next week, and beyond with the new Calendar page! In one place, you'll find new hires, birthdays, anniversaries, company holidays, and statuses. Just click Calendar at the top of your Pingboard account.
  • Mar 2, 2021

    Mission & Values • Add your company's mission and core values to your directory and keep everyone focused on who you are and where you're going. Learn more about Mission & Values.
  • Mar 1, 2021

    Quick LinksAdd links to your directory! This empowers your employees to easily find the things that they ask for, such as your employee handbook, brand and style guide, benefits portal, and more.
  • Jan 28, 2021

    Applause Report • Applause is our popular peer-recognition tool. Admins can now view and export the recognition employees have received from their coworkers from the Reports section!
  • Dec 13, 2020

    Usage Dashboard • See at a glance how your team is using Pingboard. The new Usage Metrics page give admins a pulse of recent and all-time usage, from statuses and recognition to completed profiles and searches. Learn more about the Usage Dashboard.
  • Oct 20, 2020

    Better Onboarding • We've made it easier for new employees to get started with Pingboard. When they join, the app provides a dose of education, plus encouragement to complete their profiles and learn more about the rest of the team.
  • Oct 15, 2020

    Android Applause and Announcements • Android now includes Applause, our peer recognition feature! Recent applause is highlighted as soon as you open the app, as well as on profiles. Employees can applaud coworkers, too!

    We also refreshed the Directory tab and added support for company announcements.

  • Sep 3, 2020

    Supercharged Directory • New additions to help you bring your people together! We supercharged your directory to make it easy to find who you're looking for, such as everyone with a specific skill at one of your locations.

    We've also added a collection of widgets, each specific to the department, locations, or group. See recent applause, upcoming celebrations, top job tiles and more, and open roles. Check out our deep dive to learn about the many improvemements.

    Office Remodel • We revamped the office pages to make them more useful for your team. Add phone, main contact, hours, plus transit, parking, and WiFi details. Your office pages include open roles for that location, too.

  • Aug 5, 2020

    Recognize a coworker’s great work with Applause, right from Slack. Just type /applaud @slack_username into any Slack chat window. Et voila! Applause posts directly to Pingboard, as well as your company's chosen Slack channel.

    Also, employees can click the Add 👏 button in Slack to +1 another person's note of Applause.

  • Jul 22, 2020

    Introducing Connections, which empowers employees to see how everyone is connected. There’s a new button on profiles—View Connections. Click it to see what someone has in common with their coworkers, from skills and interests to hometown and past employers. If you see something you share, like a certification or hobby, you can even add yourself and update your profile with one click.

    This is especially powerful when a new employee fills out their profile. They can click to see what they have in common with others and start making connections.

  • Jul 21, 2020

    Add company holidays to Pingboard! Now, you can highlight upcoming holidays to keep everyone in the loop about days off. They’re highlighted throughout the app and can be specific to a location.

    Built into our Status feature, holidays don’t count in employees’ out of office totals. We also highlight overlapping holidays when someone adds a new status.

  • Jul 17, 2020

    iPhone Applause and Announcements • This big update adds Applause, our peer recognition feature. Recent applause is highlighted as soon as you open the app, as well as on each person’s profile. Employees can applaud coworkers, too!

    We also refreshed the Directory tab and added support for company announcements.

  • Jun 4, 2020

    You asked for more Applause notification options and we delivered! Choose departments and offices on your preferences page to receive an email when someone is recognized for great work. And we know many CEOs and leaders want to know when anyone in the company receives Applause—that’s possible, too!
  • Jun 3, 2020

    You can now download the org chart with just job titles. This is great for sharing with investors or board members, compliance organizations, and interview candidates who want to understand their team and position. In the org chart, click Download, then uncheck “Show employee info”.
  • May 27, 2020

    Customize Status types to fit the way your people work by editing your status types! Maybe your company uses “PTO” instead of “Vacation” or “Work from Home” instead of “Remote”. It’s easy to change the name. You can also add any statuses you like—“Parental Leave,” “Mental Health Day,” “Volunteering,” for example—so your team can update each other daily.
  • May 25, 2020

    The “This Week” email now features Applause! Each edition highlights Applause from the past week to spread the word about the great work your team is doing.
  • May 11, 2020

    See Applause right in Slack! Use our Slack Integration to spread the good vibes. When someone recognizes a coworker with Applause, the message can now be automatically posted to Slack. If you’re already using this great integration, click Admin > Add-Ons > Slack and choose a channel.
  • Apr 21, 2020

    Profiles now show the local time for each person. With a quick glance at a coworker's profile, you'll know whether you're about to accidentally call someone during lunch or after-hours.
  • Apr 8, 2020

    It's even more important to connect with your coworkers right now, so we're introducing Spotlight—a lightweight, fun, and engaging way for your employees to get to know their coworkers a little better. The Spotlight quiz lives on your company's homepage and lets employees match a face to a name, then see a fun fact about that coworker.
  • Apr 3, 2020

    Add multiple employee photos to Pingboard at once. Instead of editing individual employee profiles, just upload a folder with pictures of your people. If your filenames include the person's name, we'll even match them automatically. Check it out.
  • Mar 6, 2020

    Android • Introducing the Calendar
    Like on iOS, our Android app now has a calendar. See at a glance what's new at your company, including who's celebrating their first day, birthday, or work anniversary. You can peek into the future, too. And if your company uses Pingboard's time-off tool, the Calendar will also keep you in the loop about who's on vacation or working remotely.
  • Feb 19, 2020

    Applause is our new peer-to-peer recognition tool to help your team build camaraderie and create a culture of appreciation in an authentic, simple, and fun way.

    Notes of Applause appear on your company's homepage for a period of time and are also attached to the receiver's Pingboard profile, making it easy for coworkers to see a record of what each person worked on and how they excel.

    Also, when someone is applauded, their manager is notified, making Applause a nice qualitative addition to your company's performance reviews.

  • Feb 21, 2020

    It's now more convenient to keep your employee data up to date. When you upload a CSV file to Pingboard, you can now match employee data in your CSV file to employees in Pingboard using any unique identifier. For example, if you have employee IDs stored in a custom field, you can use that “Employee ID” field to sync your data.
  • Jan 23, 2020

    We've improved our integration with Slack! Now, Pingboard posts new hires, birthdays, and work anniversaries to the Slack channel of your choice to help your employees stay in the loop and connect better with each other. Check it out here!
  • Jan 8, 2020

    iPhone 2.5.1 • Introducing the Calendar!

    See at a glance what's new at your company, including who's celebrating their first day, birthday, or work anniversary. You can peek into the future, too.

    And if your company uses Pingboard's time-off tool, the Calendar will also keep you in the loop about who is on vacation or working remotely.

  • Jan 7, 2020

    See your time-off totals in Pingboard! Find out how much vacation you've taken this year or how many days you've worked remotely. You can also view last year's totals to compare, and managers can check the numbers for their teams to make sure everyone is taking the time off they need.

    Take a look! Or, if your company doesn't use Out of Office yet, learn more about it here.

  • Dec 19, 2019

    Now you can add employees to Pingboard, update employee data, and delete employees—with just one CSV file upload! Save time keeping your company's Pingboard account up to date, whether you do a CSV file upload as needed or have an automatic CSV import set up using an SFTP server.
  • Dec 16, 2019

    We updated the experience of editing one's Pingboard profile, making it more user-friendly and easier for your employees to keep their profiles up to date. It's also easier for people to add their professional and social profiles (like LinkedIn)—they can just paste the link!
  • Dec 12, 2019

    We built a library of suggested fields, making it easier for you to customize what appears on employee profiles. Get employees excited about sharing more with each other, and save time by selecting from more than 40 pre-made fields, like “Ask Me About,” “Pronouns,” “Current Goal,” or “What I'm Reading.” If you're inspired to create your own, we've improved that experience, too.
  • Oct 29, 2019

    You can now import departments, making it easier than ever to automatically build your org chart. Just be sure to include a department column in your CSV file. Then, when you upload it to Pingboard, we'll automatically build your org chart, including assigning managers and their teams to departments. This goes both ways—you can also export department info from Pingboard. It's included when exporting user data and as an option within reports.
  • Oct 22, 2019

    Printing your org chart from Pingboard is better. than. ever.

    • Each page is more readable. We use the white space more efficiently and adjust sizing to make sure your printed org chart doesn't need a magnifying glass.
    • There's a bigger paper size in town. The new 11x17 printing option gives you the space to see things more clearly on a single page.
    • Multiple pages help you dive into the details. Only so much can fit on a single piece of paper, so we improved how your org chart is divided. Now, when you print multiple pages, each page highlights a team, and a reporting chain at the top shows how that section fits into the broader org.
    • Your logo puts a bow on it. If you have a logo in Pingboard, we'll add it to each page of your printed org chart.
  • Oct 18, 2019

    Admins can create URL custom fields to add clickable links to employee profiles. This lets employees share more with their coworkers—links to their creative portfolios or LinkedIn profiles, for example. Or, link to shared files, like a seating chart or project docs housed in Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Oct 3, 2019

    We added a space on the homepage for your important company-wide announcements. Use Pingboard announcements as an easy, lightweight way to get the word out about things like an upcoming offsite or a benefits enrollment deadline. Or, share a company win or recognize a specific employee for shining bright.
  • Sep 17, 2019

    Bring more people into planning for your team's future! We made some awesome changes to how planning org charts work. Now:

    • You can invite anyone in your company to collaborate, not just Admins and Pro Users.
    • Managers with direct reports can create an org chart to visualize ideas for future hires and how to structure their team.
    • You can export data from a private org chart to a CSV file, which Admins can use to update the live org chart or another system

    Get more people involved in planning for growth, because collaboration is always something to celebrate.

  • Sep 13, 2019

    We heard y'all loud and clear—you need more ways to manage your org chart and effortlessly update the data. So we built an automatic, recurring CSV import to make that easier. Export a CSV file from your HR software and Pingboard will routinely pull in the data via SFTP so your org chart and directory are always up to date.
  • Sep 12, 2019

    We fine-tuned the org chart so it loads more quickly and uses space more efficiently. Cards are only as big as the info they hold; there's less distance between cards; and updated typography makes text easier on the eyes at all sizes.
  • Aug 23, 2019

    Time Zones in Slack • We know it's really common for companies to have employees working in different time zones, so we updated our beloved Slack integration! Now your employees will see their coworkers' out-of-office messages in Slack in their own time zones.
  • Aug 19, 2019

    Bulk Delete via CSV • It's now easier to remove more than one employee at a time from Pingboard, reducing the time spent managing your org chart. Export a list of employees who are no longer with you, then import the CSV file into Pingboard to delete them.
  • Aug 14, 2019

    New Homepage with Open Roles • Let your company know you're hiring! Open roles in your org chart are highlighted on your homepage.
  • Aug 9, 2019

    Download Invoices Now you can download your invoices and receipts from our Billing page.
  • Aug 7, 2019

    We've added the Namely integration for Pingboard! When you integrate Namely, your data is automatically synced in Pingboard, too, so your org chart will always be up to date. Namely is our latest addition to our growing list of HR software integrations.
  • Jul 18, 2019

    Use present mode for a bigger, cleaner full-screen view of your org chart.
  • Jul 16, 2019

    You can now drag employees from the sidebar into your org chart without creating empty roles first. We love making Pingboard an ever-more seamless tool for our customers. 🙂
  • Jul 9, 2019

    We've added the BambooHR integration for Pingboard! When you integrate BambooHR or another HR software with Pingboard, it automatically syncs your data, keeping your org chart up to date. You can use single sign-on for easier access—no need to keep a separate account. BambooHR joins our growing list of HR software integrations.
  • Jun 6, 2019

    Highlight roles you're hiring for and write a description of them. Employees can see details of open roles without leaving the org chart.
  • Jun 4, 2019

    Drag and drop new roles or departments from the sidebar, and change a person's manager or reorder direct reports by simply moving them into place.
  • May 29, 2019

    Print multiple pages of the org chart with one click! Choose the new "Split onto multiple pages" option when you download your org chart.
  • Apr 16, 2019

    Create departments in the org chart without assigning a leader! Whether your departments have no leaders or many, the flexible design lets you show off your unique structure.
  • Apr 8, 2019

    iPhone 2.4.3 includes a brand-new directory with quick access to your groups. Search results have been redesigned and now include recent searches. Plus, you can browse departments for the first time.

    Finally, press and hold on a person in the directory to view their contact info.

  • Mar 28, 2019

    Include employees profiles in your shared org chart. If you embed your org chart in your intranet, this is a powerful way to give employees access to contact info and more without requiring sign-in. This feature is available on our Company plan and is off by default. Learn more in the Help Center.
  • Mar 27, 2019

    The Manage Org Charts page now includes who made the last update to an org chart and how many comments it has.
  • Mar 21, 2019

    Brighten up your org chart for spring with color coding! Pick colors to highlight information on cards, such as which office a person is in or who is a contractor.

    Each org chart can be color coded differently, so you can emphasize what's most important on your private hiring plan without changing up your Live Org Chart.

    Get started by clicking Options > Customize Cards in your org chart. You'll see Pick Colors for any field that supports it, like location or choice fields.

  • Mar 19, 2019

    We're always improving Pingboard. Here are a few recent highlights:

    • We improved the matching fields step in our new CSV Import tool
    • The Bio field for employee profiles now supports Markdown for styling and links
    • Groups and Locations sync by default for the ADP integration
    • If an employee's name is updated, it's now correctly updated in planning org charts, too
  • Feb 28, 2019

    The brand-new CSV import tool makes it easy to keep Pingboard up to date. Here are a few highlights:

    • See a preview before completing the import, including how many employees, groups, and locations will be created.
    • Match people by name or Pingboard ID, in addition to email address.
    • Choose which fields to overwrite and which ones to only update if blank.
    • Update any field in Pingboard. Here's how to add more custom fields
    • If you previously used the full-service import option, you can now complete imports on your own and see the results immediately!

    Learn more about these new features in our Help Center.

  • Feb 18, 2019

    Introducing commenting, a brand-new way to collaborate in Pingboard! Conversations are an essential part of planning the future of your department or company. Now those conversations can take place inside your org chart!

    Use commenting in your planning org charts to discuss open positions, promotions, and reorgs. Comments are tied directly to positions in the org chart, keeping conversations focused (much better than a hard to follow email thread). Plus, when you tag someone in a comment or question, they'll be notified.

    It's critical that sensitive conversations stay confidential, so comments are private to the team collaborating on an org chart.

    Get started by clicking a card in a planning org chart, then the Comment tab in the right sidebar.

  • Feb 15, 2019

    Show more fields in your org chart! Add up to four fields to your org chart cards, in addition to name and job title. See more information at a glance in your live and private, planning org charts. There's also an option to include the field names on the cards, such as Mobile: 512-555-1212.

    Get started by clicking the new Options icon in the org chart, then Customize Cards.

  • Feb 14, 2019

    Groups and locations can be displayed on org chart cards, in addition to your custom fields.
  • Feb 13, 2019

    Single user plans can now transfer the account to someone else by clicking Make Account Owner next to the person on the Manage Employees page.
  • Feb 12, 2019

    Behind-the-scenes improvements to the Out of Office page to show content more quickly.
  • Jan 16, 2019

    The 2.4 update of our Android and iPhone apps adds manager notifications for a team member's first day. Also, you can now choose a department in Who's Who, which is a great way to get to know a team. The updates include a few bug fixes and small improvements to the overall experience as well.
  • Dec 20, 2018

    Customize which field appears on your planning org chart. Previously, planning org chart cards displayed the same field as the live org chart. Now, you can choose a different field without affecting your live org chart. Soon, you'll be able to pick Private and Admin-only fields as well.
  • Dec 19, 2018

    Org chart sharing now supports linking directly to a filtered view. This makes it easy to embed a department org chart in your intranet or share the link via email. Admins can copy the link from the improved Share menu when sharing is enabled and the org chart is currently filtered.
  • Dec 17, 2018

    Leveling lets you adjust a person's level in the org chart. When two people report to the same person, but one should appear on a different level, you can now show it in your org chart.

    Switch to Edit mode, click the overflow menu on a card, and choose "Move Down a Level"

  • Nov 7, 2018

    New collaboration tools for planning! Pingboard now has Pro Users who can create and collaborate on planning org charts. Need to work directly with the Director of Sales to plan the future of the Sales Department? Give them Pro access and invite them to the planning org chart. Pro Users have the same view and access permissions for the rest of Pingboard as normal Users and cannot replace the live org chart.

    Also, you can now share your planning org chart with individual collaborators! Keep it entirely private or share it with as many Admin and Pro Users as you like (before, the only sharing option was to grant access to all Admins).

  • Oct 31, 2018

    Browsing and filtering the org chart by department is live! The org chart now includes a handy "table of contents" that lets you get a high level view of the company and then view (and export) a filtered view of the department.
  • Oct 30, 2018

    Two options have been added to our ADP integration: First, you can now sync groups and locations to Pingboard. Reach out to our Support Team and we'll set this up for you. Second, choose whether to syncing Active, Inactive, and Terminated employees using their status in ADP. This option is available when you configure the integration in Pingboard.
  • Oct 25, 2018

    Inviting someone to Pingboard and changing their permissions has been combined into one, simpler screen.
  • Oct 16, 2018

    Pingboard for Android View dotted line relationships in the org chart! Now, you can see the connections between team members beyond direct managers. Use the long press on a person's card in the org chart or visit the Reporting tab on their profile.
  • Oct 15, 2018

    If you use our robust Google Apps integration, there's now an option to overwrite employee information in Pingboard, such as Job Title, with what is stored in Google Apps. We had this option previously, but it required reaching out to our Support Team.
  • Oct 8, 2018

    Every so often, it turns out Pingboard isn't the right fit for a company. We take that seriously and believe in constantly improving. Our goal is that everyone has an exceptional experience. So, we're now asking for feedback on how we can improve when that happens, and then taking steps to address wherever we fall short. Hopefully, you never need to try this out.
  • Oct 2, 2018

    We heard that it would be handy to have the option to hide photos in the org chart, especially when printing. You'll find a new option to do just that when you download your org chart. A company admin can also set this for the live org chart.
  • Sep 12, 2018

    View dotted line relationships in the mobile org chart with Pingboard for iPhone 2.3.6! Now, you can see the connections between team members beyond direct managers. Use the long press on a person's card in the org chart or visit the Reporting tab on their profile.
  • Aug 27, 2018

    We heard that it wasn't always clear how to add a new Department to the org chart, so we made it more straightforward.
  • Aug 4, 2018

    Pingboard for Android 2.3.4 includes an improved welcome experience for new people and some bug fixes.
  • Jul 27, 2018

    A faster, simpler org chart editor is here! Drag & drop a person into any empty role. Add a department or edit a job title and everything updates live. In the new View mode, click a card to see the person's profile.

    We rethought the org chart editor from the ground up, incorporating everything we've learned from you over the past few years. In addition to the significant new features, there are many subtle improvements designed to make the whole experience more delightful.

  • Jul 11, 2018

    Pingboard for Android 2.3 adds all-new profiles with quicker access to important info, improved editing, and a refreshed design. Check out the new Reporting section of the profile, too. This update includes a big batch of improvements, too, including performance and interacting with the org chart.
  • May 24, 2018

    Pingboard is now fully compliant with the EU's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy.
  • Apr 20, 2018

    Add dotted line relationships to your org chart! In many organizations, people have reporting relationships separate from their direct manager and reports. For example, a Designer who reports to an Art Director may have a separate, dotted line relationship to the Mobile Team Lead.

    Our innovative solution allows you to see a person's dotted line relationships quickly without changing contexts. No more trying to trace a line from one corner of an org chart to another.

    Plus, the feature includes the direction of the relationship, so you can see at a glance who is the lead.

  • Feb 15, 2018

    Enjoy your home on Pingboard! Catch up on what's new at your company. Celebrate birthdays and first days. Browse into the future or see what you missed while you were out. You can focus on a specific office or department, too.

    We've also revamped the directory to focus more on faces and increase how many people you can see at once.

    • Admins can get to a person's edit page right from their directory card
    • Browse Departments outside of the org chart
  • Feb 13, 2018

    Add links to group descriptions (and styles like bold and italics). The descriptions for Departments, Groups, and Locations now support Markdown, so you can include links to anything from helpful content to the Location's Instagram feed.
  • Feb 12, 2018

    Introducing a big addition to the Pingboard mobile apps: a beautiful org chart! Search, browse, and interact with your org chart on the go. Tap to see someone's direct reports, swipe between peers, then tap and hold on a person's card to view their profile.

    The org chart feature is included in Pingboard for iPhone 2.3 and Android 2.2.

  • Jan 22, 2018

    Uploading a photo includes the option to crop it. The overall experience has been improved as well.
  • Jan 11, 2018

    A big addition to People Planning—promote a planning org chart to your Live org chart. Plan out changes to your organization with a planning org chart, then turn it on for your whole company when it's perfect.

    We also create an archived version of the previous org chart, so you can reference it later.

  • Dec 21, 2017

    Unlimited Department colors! Use the color picker to choose one of our default options or select any color you like.

    We've also refreshed the main Directory, Group and Location pages, and the Out of Office page.

  • Dec 20, 2017

    The Custom Fields and Reports pages are much-improved, along with the edit profile experience. When viewing Custom Fields, you can now see at a glance what type they are and whether an employee can edit them.
  • Dec 4, 2017

    Our new feature, People Planning, just got better! When you create a planning org chart, you can now choose whether to keep it private or make it available to the other Admins at your company. Work confidentially for as long as you like, then share your ideas when you're ready.

    People Planning is available on our Pro plan.

  • Dec 1, 2017

    Pingboard for iPhone 2.2.1 includes a few tweaks and bug fixes following the huge 2.2 update with all-new profiles.
  • Nov 29, 2017

    If you're a Pingboard Admin, you'll notice that many parts of the Pingboard web experience are much improved. We're rolling out a sleek new layout that improves working with Pingboard. The layout will soon be incorporated into the other parts of the app.
  • Nov 17, 2017

    Enjoy all-new profiles with Pingboard for iPhone 2.2, including quick access to important info, improved editing, and a refreshed design. Check out the new Reporting section of the profile, too.

    This update also adds support for the new Departments feature. There are a few bug fixes, too, including an issue that caused some to have to login in frequently.

  • Nov 15, 2017

    Browse profiles from within your org chart! Hover over a card and click Profile. A sidebar will pop out with everything about them, including contact info, skills and interests, and even whether it's their birthday or they're on vacation today. Explore your organizational structure and learn about your coworkers, all without leaving the org chart!

  • Oct 25, 2017

    Introducing People Planning! You and your fellow Administrators can now create unlimited, private org charts. This feature is available on our Pro plan. Pingboard has always been the best place to understand your organization today. Now, plan for the future with Pingboard, too.

    Use these org charts to explore ideas for reorganizing a team or the whole company. Collaborate on hiring plans for the next quarter. Find ways to improve efficiency and get everyone into the right roles.

    As an Admin, you'll see an Org Charts menu next to Search. From there, you can create a new org chart, manage existing ones, or quickly switch to a recently active one.

    Here's more about Planning Org Charts.

  • Sep 25, 2017

    Choose the layout that works best for your company! Click Display Settings under Tools to choose whether to expand groups of direct reports horizontally or vertically. You can also allow levels to overlap or keep them distinct.

    The default view is optimized for viewing lots of information at once, but if another layout works better for your company, it's just a click (or two) away!

    There's more—sorting direct reports is here! When you need to put that one person to the left of that other person, hover over their manager and click Edit > Sort Direct Reports. Drag and drop until you have it just right.

    Remember: when you change these settings as an admin, the changes are seen by everyone in the company.

  • Aug 21, 2017

    Are you using Microsoft's Hosted Azure Active Directory? You can integrate it with Pingboard to provision users and provide authentication. Visit the Help Center to learn more.
  • Aug 15, 2017

    The lines in the org chart are significantly simplified, providing a streamlined new view that makes your team look better than ever.
  • Aug 14, 2017

    When creating your org chart for the first time or adding a new branch, there's a new option to remove the card at the top. In most cases, though, you'll want to edit the card to replace the person or placeholder with someone else.

    Also, adding an out of office status on the web has been streamlined.

  • Aug 11, 2017

    The org chart now includes departments! This color addition shows off each department and its leader, along with the total people in it. The org chart now provides a more complete view of your organization.

    We're slowly rolling this out to existing customers. If you don't see the option yet and are eager to try it, let us know!

  • Aug 10, 2017

    Uploading a photo and connecting social accounts are 16% spiffier.
  • Jul 25, 2017

    In addition to Single Sign-On, you can now provision users and sync data from OneLogin.
  • Jul 13, 2017

    There's a new default avatar for people who haven't uploaded a photo yet.
  • Jul 6, 2017

    Quickly message someone in Slack from their Pingboard profile. With the Slack integration installed, their Slack username is automatically shown to make it a snap to reach out.
  • Jul 4, 2017

    Add Assistants to your org chart! Hover a card and click + to choose the Assistant option. These roles are shown differently from direct reports. A person can assist multiple people, too. The org chart also now supports shared roles, which are great for co-managers. When you create or edit a role, you'll see a + sign next to the first person in the role. Click it to add a second person. Finally, we improved the org chart cards with bigger photos and more.
  • Jun 12, 2017

    Welcome to the new you! We've completely revamped profiles to give you a beautiful home on Pingboard. A few highlights:

    • New Updates section that highlights upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and out of office news
    • Improved view of teams and reporting relationships
    • Larger photos
    • Dynamic background based on photo colors
    • Better layout of fields like Skills and Interests
  • Jun 11, 2017

    iPhone 2.0.4 includes small improvements to search.
  • May 31, 2017

    Adding and editing people in the org chart is now easier and more powerful. Now you can edit the info on a person's card directly in the org chart. For instance, if your cards include Job Title and Mobile, those fields are available when you add someone. Also, if you notice that the info is out dated, you can quickly edit it. Replacing a placeholder with a person (or vice-versa) is simpler, too.

    Separately, when you search, we now display the number of matches.

  • May 22, 2017

    iPhone 2.0.3 fixes a few bugs.
  • May 19, 2017

    Two small improvements to the This Week email: the photos are slightly larger and both name and photo are links to the person's Pingboard profile.
  • May 17, 2017

    Android 2.0.2 and iPhone 2.0.2 include improvements to the Who's Who leaderboard, bug fixes, and our new logo and app icon.
  • Apr 29, 2017

    See more and print more with our latest org chart update!

    New Layout Direct reports are grouped vertically, which lets you see much more of your organization at once. The cards are a touch smaller, but titles are more prominent and there's room for longer titles and names.

    New Printing Save and print an image of your org chart that matches what you see on the screen, including photos! Plus, include as many levels as you like.

    Plus, one small addition: right-click on Profile when hovering over someone in the org chart to view their profile in another tab.

  • Apr 14, 2017

    Improved how Placeholders are shown in the org chart to more clearly differentiate them from people without images.
  • Mar 30, 2017

    Updated the navigation with the org chart to spruce it up a bit, including changing “Admin” to “Tools” to make it clearer.
  • Mar 27, 2017

    On the Preferences page, administrators can choose whether to receive email summaries of who has been added and removed from Pingboard. Also, the Apps menu is now called “Add-Ons” and is only visible to admins.
  • Mar 13, 2017

    Introducing Who's Who! With the 2.0 release of the Android and iPhone apps, Pingboard has a brand-new addition.

    Who's Who is a fun game that helps you put faces to names and know your coworkers better. Maybe you just joined the company or you're visiting an office for the first time. Pick the team or location you want to play with, or even just new employees.

    Who's Who is played in rounds of 10. We show you one of your coworkers and the names of some possible matches. If you guess wrong, you'll see a tip about your coworker. Guess right fast enough to earn a speed bonus!

    Plus, there's a leaderboard that shows who knows your company best 🙂

  • Mar 8, 2017

    We've redesigned the Welcome and This Week emails to provide a much better experience. The This Week email now focuses on new hires, birthdays, and anniversaries and works better for companies of any size.

    Also, you can now update reporting info via the CSV import. During import, there's an option to only update blank fields or overwrite existing info. This makes it easier to keep your org chart up-to-date.

  • Feb 21, 2017

    If you need to delete more than one person, we've made it much simpler. On the Manage Employees admin page (click Admin > Employees), click the checkbox next to who you want to delete and a Delete button will appear. This is especially handy when you're ready to go live with Pingboard after experimenting.
  • Feb 20, 2017

    Admins can now view and export Out of Office info! On the Reports page, click the “Out of Office Details” report to view each status from the past month, along with when it was added and last updated. The status are grouped by employee. You can change the date range and export the information as a CSV.
  • Feb 15, 2017

    Pingboard for Android integrates with Zendesk for when you need help, improves background syncing, and fixes an intermittent bug when tapping a team or location.
  • Feb 10, 2017

    Now you can customize the welcome email's subject line as well as its content! Click Admin > Settings > Customize Invite Email.
  • Feb 9, 2017

    Exporting all data has been improved to for larger companies. Click Admin > Employees > Sync & Import > Export Your Data.
  • Jan 23, 2017

    New feature: Org chart placeholders!

    When you add a card to the org chart, you can choose whether it's a person or a placeholder. Placeholders are perfect for open positions and future planning. When you find the perfect person, just replace the placeholder with their smiling face!

    Also, if someone is deleted from Pingboard who had direct reports, a placeholder is automatically added in their place so everyone stays connected to the org chart.

  • Jan 20, 2017

    New feature: Customize profile cards!

    Have you ever wished you could choose which fields are shown on profile cards? Now, you can!

    Visit the Company Settings page (Admin > Settings), find Customize Cards, and pick the fields to display in addition to the person's name. This is perfect for showing mobile numbers or a custom field like Project. This choice is for your entire company and will be used wherever profile cards are shown, as well as when you view the directory as a list.

    You can also customize what's shown on cards within the org chart. You'll find the option in the org chart (Admin > Customize Cards).

  • Jan 19, 2017

    Out of Office reports now exclude weekends! This will make it much easier to get the best data for your team. There's also an option to include weekends if desired. The setting applies to your historical data, not just newly created statuses.
  • Jan 17, 2017

    Pingboard for Android 1.6.3 improves performance and fixes a few annoying bugs.
  • Jan 9, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.6.2 fixes an issue with dialing phone numbers.
  • Jan 8, 2016

    Two small improvements:

    • Viewing members of a team or location is speedier when there a lot of members.
    • In the org chart, direct reports are sorted horizontally by title instead of name.
  • Dec 21, 2016

    Add employees to Pingboard without email addresses. When you're first building your org chart, you may not have everyone's email address handy. Now, you can add people to the org chart with just a name, which makes it easy to get started. You can also import employees without email addresses.

    Of course, once you're ready to invite your team to Pingboard, email will come in handy. We also use it to uniquely identify each person, so when you're doing multiple imports to keep information up-to-date, email addresses will prevent duplicates.

  • Dec 9, 2016

    Four new settings for your company are available on the Settings admin page.

    • Set the timezone for your company, which is used for posting the daily Out of Summary to Slack and HipChat
    • Set whether new employees receive the This Week automatically
    • Set whether new employees receive Out of Office emails automatically
    • Turn off the This Week email
  • Dec 8, 2016

    The minimum length and complexity requirements for new passwords has been strengthened.
  • Dec 5, 2016

    Advanced Search is here! Explore your company in a whole new way by using multiple search criteria. For instance, you can find everyone in a location with a specific skill, or everyone who shares a job title and interest.

    Learn more about the new search.

    We also improved how search results are shown with the normal search.

  • Nov 21, 2016

    Our Help Center is here! Now, there is one place to go to get answers to your questions about Pingboard. It's also a great resource for new employees. We started with over 100 articles and will add more each week. Stop by and give it a spin!
  • Nov 14, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.5.7 fixes a bug that caused issues for some people who sync contacts with their phone and 3rd party services like Google.
  • Oct 24, 2016

    Search the org chart to quickly find the person you're looking for. You can search by title in addition to name. If the person isn't in the org chart yet and you're an admin, you can add them right there.

    The org chart link on profile pages now takes you directly to that person in the org chart.

  • Oct 23, 2016

    If you sync Pingboard with Google Apps, we added the option to sync the department field for your users with groups in Pingboard. Reach out if you'd like us to enable this feature for your company.
  • Oct 17, 2016

    The org chart now supports multiple CEOs!

    Under the new Admin menu in the org chart, there's an option to Create a New Branch. Click that, choose the person to start the branch with, and you'll have two separate branches in your org chart. You can add as many branches as you need. This works well for multiple CEOs or companies that are made up of multiple independent divisions or brands.

    If you later need to remove a branch, edit the person at the top of the branch to have them report to someone in the original branch. Now, everyone will be part of one branch and you can make further changes as needed.

  • Oct 10, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.5.6 fixes a few bugs and adds a lovely blue where there was once orange 🙂 Hope you like it!
  • Oct 5, 2016

    Pingboard for Android 1.5.5 improves background syncing to make it faster and smarter.
  • Oct 4, 2016

    Locations now have images and logos just like teams! As an admin, click the edit button when viewing a location to upload an image. In addition, the list of employees on the Manage Employees page is now paginated, which improves the experience for large companies.
  • Sep 22, 2016

    Build your org chart for free! Pingboard now has a free plan that makes it possible to build an org chart for any size company, share the link with the company, _and_ invite up to 15 of your coworkers. In addition, the Manage Employees admin page is all-new.

    • The list of employees finally includes photos
    • A much-requested addition: select multiple people to invite or re-invite, or re-invite everyone who was previously invited but hasn't joined yet with one click
    • The Last Seen date includes use of the mobile apps
    • From this page, view or edit an employee's profile, add or remove admin permissions, disable access to Pingboard, or delete an employee
    • Finally, the billing page is more informative and easier to work with, both before _and_ after you become a customer!
  • Sep 14, 2016

    A few small improvements:

    • When you add a new employee, you have the option to make them an admin at the same time you invite them, saving an extra step
    • The new Office Phone field is included in the Contact Info report
    • Syncing with Google Apps Org Units is more robust
    • Signing up for a new account is bit quicker and simpler
  • Sep 12, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.5.5 improves contact syncing (including an issue that affected syncing with iCloud), fixes a few bugs, and adds support for iOS 10.
  • Sep 3, 2016

    A brand-new org chart experience makes it possible to set up your entire org chart in a few minutes! We improved every part of building your org chart to make it simpler and faster.

    • Import employees and managers from a spreadsheet and see your complete org chart in a few seconds
    • Add new people to Pingboard right from the org chart
    • No need to set your CEO first, just start building
    • Add people above or below anyone in the chart
    • Large org charts load faster
  • Aug 23, 2016

    Office Phone is now a standard field, along with Mobile number, and is part of a person's profile on the web and in the mobile apps. If your numbers include extensions, you can enable them for this field on the Custom Fields admin page.
  • Aug 9, 2016

    Phone extensions are now available on the web and the iPhone and Android apps. If you're an admin, add extensions to any phone field (except mobile number) on the Custom Fields page. Click the field, then the “Include extensions” option.
  • Aug 1, 2016

    Our Okta integration now supports SAML! With SAML, employees in Okta are provisioned to your Pingboard account. This assures that who can access Pingboard is always up-to-date. We also sync key information for each person from Okta to Pingboard.

    Search for the “Pingboard SAML” app within your Okta account to get started.

  • Jul 29, 2016

    Reports for larger companies are faster and load incrementally as you scroll through the results. Also, fixed a bug that made it unclear which tab is active, such as when configuring a custom field.
  • Jul 22, 2016

    Before you create your org chart, you can now experience the org chart firsthand with a handful of demo employees. Also, you can add your CEO to Pingboard right from the org chart, which makes it much easier to get started.
  • Jul 5, 2016

    With Pingboard for Android 1.5.1, you'll never miss a milestone! Managers can choose to be notified about upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries for direct reports. Look for an announcement inside the app with the option to turn it on.

    Also, the app now uses the setting on your phone to show dates and times in your preferred format.

  • Jun 30, 2016

    Expand your entire org chart with one click, then click again to return to the initial layout. This makes it much easier to get a quick overview of your organization.
  • Jun 17, 2016

    When you export your org chart, the file name includes what you named the chart. This simplifies things when you're exporting a file for each department, for example.

    We also fixed a few issues with name sorting in reports.

  • Jun 16, 2016

    If you prefer 14:33 over 2:33 and 21/12/2016 instead of 12/21/2016, we have good news! Pingboard now supports the more common date/time format. Click Preferences underneath your photo inside Pingboard to choose which format you prefer. We'll support this in the Android and iPhone apps with the next updates.
  • Jun 15, 2016

    We want it to be quick and easy for admins to access handy features in the app, so now you can manage teams and locations in the same place you view them! Hover over a team and you'll see an edit pencil. Click it to modify the team and manage its members. Similarly, there's a shiny edit button when you're viewing a team or location. You'll also notice that you can add a new team or location while browsing teams, too!
  • Jun 10, 2016

    Pingboard for Android 1.5.0 supports Single Sign-On providers, including Okta and OneLogin.
  • May 19, 2016

    Print your directory! With printing support, when you're viewing the directory and choose Print within the browser, the results will look great on paper or as a PDF.
  • May 18, 2016

    Seeing who's out and adding time off are now much easier! We've made a lot of improvements that we hope you love. Here's a quick look…

    • Viewing, filtering and adding out of office statuses are now on a single page.
    • It's quicker to choose the date and time you'll be out and we've prioritized the most common choices.
    • When you add a new status, we remember the reason (Remote, Out of Office) for next time.
    • Check out the progress bar for time off that lasts for a few days. You can see at a glance how soon someone will be back.
    • See the next two weeks by default, instead of two days.
  • May 13, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.5.0 supports Single Sign-On providers, including Okta and OneLogin.

    We've also made it easier to sign in with an email address and password by integrating with 1Password.

  • May 10, 2016

    We redesigned the directory list and added the ability to choose which fields to show. When you view your company directory, there are two options: Grid or List. Click List to see the much-improved design.

    If you're an admin, you'll also see the Choose Fields button. This allows you to choose up to two fields for your employees (everyone in the company shares the same view.) We know some companies want to view everyone's mobile number and start date, while others prefer title and birthday (don't worry, we don't show the year). You can even sort the list by the fields you choose. Customize the directory for your company!

  • Apr 20, 2016

    Pingboard for Android 1.4.5 includes a friendly introduction to Pingboard before you sign in for the first time, as well as an improved sign-in experience. It also adds support for feature customization options for premium customers and fixes a few bugs.
  • Apr 19, 2016

    The experience of creating and managing a group is much improved, including adding an image, viewing members, and adding and removing employees. Plus, it's now consistent with the location experience.

    We made a few design improvements to the page for browsing a single group or location. Also, the API page is now accessible to anyone in the company.

  • Apr 12, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.4.5 improves background syncing and fixes a few bugs.
  • Mar 30, 2016

    Two big org chart features are here: exporting and sharing!

    You can export your org chart, which is great for adding to a presentation or printing. Choose who to start with, how many levels, and the preferred format, and the file is saved to your computer. There are a few limitations that the paper size adds, but we'll be continuing to improve this to support more uses.

    If you're an admin, you'll also see an option to turn on sharing for org chart. When you turn sharing on, a unique URL is created which you can use in a few different ways. Send it to board members or potential hires to let them see who fits where without giving them Pingboard accounts, or embed the org chart in an iframe within your intranet.

    From this URL, a person will only have access to the org chart, not employee profiles or any of your Pingboard data. If you want to disable a link after it's shared, you can create a new one or simply turn off sharing.

  • Mar 15, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.4.4 fixes a couple of bugs.
  • Mar 11, 2016

    When out of office updates are posted to Slack and HipChat, the timezone is now included along with a link to the view the statuses in your own timezone. The updates are converted to the most common timezone within your company before they're posted to Slack and HipChat. When you view them in Pingboard, though, they always reflect the time where you are.
  • Mar 2, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.4.3 includes a helpful feature for managers. If you have direct reports, be notified when a member of your team has an upcoming birthday or work anniversary. Don't forget the cupcakes!

    This updates also adds a brand-new welcome experience, friendlier sign-in, and a bit of the proverbial polish and bug fixes.

  • Feb 23, 2016

    Pingboard for Android 1.4.0 includes a bunch of new features and a revamped experience.

    • Search your company: The same powerful web search is now on your phone. Search job titles, skills, interests, and much more.
    • View teams and offices: Browse everyone on your marketing team or in the San Francisco office.
    • Quickly access your profile from the action bar
    • Update your status using the new floating action button
  • Feb 18, 2016

    A couple of quick improvements following the launch of the Locations feature.

    • On the notifications page, we've separated Groups and Locations
    • Groups and Locations are also separated when creating a report
    • The Locations link is hidden in the directory if the company doesn't have any

    We fixed a minor bug where the number of people out today was the number of statuses, instead of the number of people. If one person had more than one status update, the count was previously off.

  • Feb 11, 2016

    When a person joins a team, they no longer automatically receive out of office status emails for people on the same team. You can still choose to follow a team on the Notifications page.
  • Feb 4, 2016

    Beautiful spinners everywhere! Enjoy this bit of polish whenever something is in-progress on the web. Also, company logos should always appear at the appropriate size in notification emails.
  • Feb 2, 2016

    Have more than one office? With the new locations feature, you can organize people by where they work! You'll find a link in the main directory and default location to get you started. Add as many as you need; some companies also create one for remote employees. Locations are also available on the iPhone and (very soon) Android.
  • Feb 1, 2016

    Sign in with Okta, our latest integration. If your company utilizes Okta to provide simple and secure sign-in for your essentials apps, you can now add Pingboard to the list. Visit the Integrations page to get started.
  • Jan 28, 2016

    For new customers, we've revamped the welcome experience to make you feel right at home faster. In addition to helpful tips, there are demo employees, teams, and statuses to introduce key features.
  • Jan 22, 2016

    Our first customer case study is live! Read up on how our friends at POPSUGAR use Pingboard to make work better.
  • Jan 18, 2016

    Enjoy a much-improved sign-in page on the web, then look for the same improvements on Android and iPhone soon.

    For companies that would prefer not to use the Status feature for sharing out of office updates, we can now hide it on request.

  • Jan 14, 2016

    Your Pingboard + Slack/HipChat integration now includes realtime out of office updates! If someone adds, changes, or cancels a status for today, we'll post the details to your preferred channel or room and keep everyone in the loop.

    Tip: we actually delay the posts for a minute or two to give you time to make quick corrections to what you posted if need.

    If you haven't set up your Slack or HipChat integration yet, just click Apps > Integrations within Pingboard.

  • Jan 13, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.4.2 fixes an issue for people running iOS 8.
  • Jan 8, 212006

    Slack and HipChat set up has been simplified by removing steps where possible and improving instructions.
  • Jan 7, 2016

    The first official version of the Pingboard API is available! The API powers our own apps and is designed to be comprehensive and powerful. We want you to have everything you need to build great things with Pingboard. This release includes documentation and the ability to create service accounts, which are used to access the API as a regular user or admin.

    We're rolling out the API to more customers each week. If you'd like access, let us know!

  • Jan 5, 2016

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.4.1 adds Force Touch and iOS 9 search support!

    If your phone supports Force Touch, you can see who's out and quickly access search right from the Pingboard app icon. Also, iOS 9 search now includes contact info for your coworkers, powered by Pingboard.

    We also added a few other goodies:

    • Select text in a person's profile, then copy and paste it elsewhere
    • Search results are 37% better looking
    • If your company has added custom words for employees and groups, they're now included in the app
  • Dec 11, 2015

    We did a round of polish on our forms and page layouts to make them more consistent and also work better on different screen sizes.
  • Dec 1, 2015

    You can change the CEO in the org chart if you chose someone else just to try it out or the CEO has since changed.
  • Nov 20, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.4.0 introduces the same search superpowers you enjoy on the web. Now you can search for everything from skills and interests to titles and even custom fields from wherever you are.

    We've also added the option to browse your company by team or department. It's a handy way to see all of the teams in one place and then quickly view the one you're looking for.

  • Nov 17, 2015

    View and update your company's org chart! One of your most-requested features is here. You'll find a link in your directory, right next to Everyone and Teams.

    Your org chart shows the smiling face of every person in your company. Zoom in to a specific team or zoom out for the big picture. Click to expand specific departments, then drag to get the perfect view. View a person's full profile with one click.

    Employees add who they report to and Pingboard builds an interactive org chart on demand.

    If you're an admin, you can edit someone's manager and direct reports directly in the org chart and see the changes reflected immediately. We also show you who's missing so you can keep everything current.

    Read more about this release, then give a try and let us know how to make it even better for your team.

  • Nov 11, 2015

    Pingboard for Android 1.3.6 adds the option to join teams and edit private fields on your profile. In addition, there are a few bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements to give you the best possible experience.
  • Nov 1, 2015

    Buttons and fields throughout the app are more consistent and pleasant on the eyes. You'll notice the changes when you edit your profile or create a status. If you're administrator, you'll see small improvements to the forms you use to add a team, update a setting for your company, and more.
  • Oct 21, 2015

    The employee and team counts in the directory have been spruced up. If you're an admin, you'll also find it much easier to add a team or employee.
  • Oct 12, 2015

    If you'd like to restrict photo uploads to admins, Photo is now included on the Custom Fields page. Just turn off the “Employee can edit” option on the Permissions tab for the Photo field.

    We also made a few small improvements to Status:

    • Out of Office reports include statuses that took place on the start and end dates of the date range
    • Fixed some oddities in status notification subject lines
    • Status notification emails aren't sent to someone who hasn't signed into Pingboard yet
  • Oct 3, 2015

    We've added the ability to search by phone number and bio. Next time you don't recognize a phone number, do a quick search in Pingboard!
  • Oct 1, 2015

    Now you can turn on search custom fields. For instance, if you've added a field for StrengthsFinder, you can make it so that anyone in your company can search for “Achiever” or “Maximizer” and find co-workers who have those strengths. By default, custom fields _are not searchable_ until you include them. Also, private and admin-only fields aren't searchable, for obvious reasons.

    Finally, we redesigned custom fields to support these new features and make them much easier to work with. You can see at a glance which fields are private, admin-only, and viewable by anyone in the company. When you create or edit a field, all permissions are set in one convenient place.

  • Sep 18, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.3.1 fixes a few small bugs and keeps everything running smooth on iOS 9.
  • Sep 16, 2015

    Viewing your employee directory on the web, and switching between teams and people, is substantially faster.
  • Sep 2, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.3.0 makes it easy to update your profile from anywhere. Add a new phone number, share your many skills and interests, update your bio, add a new pic, and make sure everything else is up-to-date.
  • Aug 28, 2015

    Managers have the ability to decline an out of office request. Here's how it works:

    • Managers can decline out of office requests for their direct reports and anyone below them. Note: the status will still be posted and shared as soon as the employee adds it.
    • A note is required when a status is declined. The employee receives an email letting them know why it was declined and from there, they can then create a new request.
    • Managers can also add and edit a status for anyone under them.
    • Managers can view past and future statuses for their team. A link is included in the status emails.
  • Aug 27, 2015

    Out of office email notifications are now a little less chatty.

    • If you follow a team, you'll receive emails about new or updated statuses that take place in the next week.
    • If a coworker adds a status for something further in the future, you won't receive an email. Anytime you're curious, you can view future statuses on the web (for a specific person or team, too) and in the mobile apps. Daily updates can also be configured to post automatically to Slack or HipChat. Finally, upcoming statuses are included in the This Week email.
    • Managers always receive an email when a direct report adds a status so they can stay in the loop. If they don't want these emails, they can stop following their direct reports on the notifications page.
  • Aug 20, 2015

    Customize the email employees receive when you invite them to Pingboard. As an admin, click Admin > Settings > Customize Invite Email. This is a great way to incorporate additional details, links, and your unique company culture when you welcome new people.
  • Aug 19, 2015

    With Pingboard for Android 1.3.0, you can update your profile from anywhere. Add a new phone number, share your many skills and interests, update your title, add a new pic or nickname, and generally make sure everything is up-to-date. Your co-workers will appreciate it 🙂
  • Aug 11, 2015

    Search from anywhere! When search gained superpowers last month, the biggest request was to add search to every page. We added that helpful feature and also refreshed the rest of the navigation. The main options are now on the left and admin links are consolidated under a single menu item called—prepare to be amazed—Admin!
  • Jul 16, 2015

    Anytime you see someone's birthday or start date on the web, you can click to see everyone in the company who started that year or also has a birthday that month. You'll see similar links with the new search, too.

    Now, that page includes the birthday or start date for each of your smiling coworkers. Plus, we sort them by date, which makes browsing much more enjoyable.

  • Jul 15, 2015

    Search has new superpowers! Now you can search by skill, interest, team, and email address. Search for a month to see everyone with a July birthday or year to see who started in 2012. And name, nickname, and job title searches have been improved, too.
  • Jul 9, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.2.0 brings brand-new profiles with huge photos, teams, bios, and even a mini-org chart.

    The new profiles make it easy to learn more about your co-workers. Tap a skill or interest and see everyone in the company who shares it. Tap a team to see who's in it.

    Plus, there are new, custom icons throughout the app and a few bug fixes.

  • Jul 7, 2015

    If you keep reporting structure details in Google Apps, we'll import who managers who when we sync with Pingboard.
  • Jul 6, 2015

    With the addition of handy tooltips in the directory, just hover over a status icon for one of your coworkers to see the comment. You don't even have to click to be in the know! Plus, hovering online is less awkward than in person.
  • Jun 18, 2015

    Rich profiles on the web! Every employee now has a beautiful home on Pingboard. Show off your skills and interests and introduce yourself with a clever bio. Profiles include upcoming vacations, which teams a person belongs to, and who they report to and manage. We even include a snippet of the day's Google Calendar (based on your calendar sharing permissions, of course.)

    Not only are profiles chocked full of good stuff, they are a great springboard to learn about the rest of the team. Click a skill or interest to see who else shares it, learn who is on a team, see who has a June birthday or started in the same year, and traverse the org chart.

  • Jun 16, 2015

    Pingboard for Android 1.2.1 improves support for earlier Android versions.
  • May 26, 2015

    Pingboard for Android 1.2.0 brings brand-new profiles with huge photos, teams, bios, and even a mini-org chart.

    The new profiles make it easy to learn more about your co-workers. Tap a skill or interest and see everyone in the company who shares it. Tap a team to see who's in it. The update also includes a shiny, new app icon, new icons throughout the app, and bug fixes.

  • May 20, 2015

    Browse future _and_ past out of office updates by person or team! We've had bunches of requests for this handy feature. Click Status at the top of your company's Pingboard, then “See past and future”. By default, we show upcoming statuses for the next week. You can choose any date range you like, including dates in the past. You can also see updates for just a single person or team. Click the icons on the right to filter by specific status types, like Remote or Sick.

    Pro tip: Once you have it just how you want it (say, Design team vacations for the next 3 months), bookmark the page.

  • May 19, 2015

    Make the experience of signing up for Pingboard more friendly. Also, ask if a company has a custom name for employees, like Googlers, so we can make sure everyone feels right at home.
  • May 7, 2015

    Now we use the clever name you make up for the Pingboard bot when you set up Slack integration. You'll see the custom name when out of office updates are posted to your Slack channel.
  • May 4, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.1.6 brings behind-the-scenes bug fixes to improve reliability.
  • Apr 24, 2015

    Add employee titles to the cards in the directory. You can search by title, too! Other changes…

    • Improve timezone support for companies with employees sharing status updates from different timezones.
    • Clarify sync preferences for organizational units and prevent an admin from accidentally removing themselves.
  • Apr 7, 2015

    Integrate Pingboard with Slack! One of the most requested features is now available. Automatically post out of office updates to the channel of your choice and receive pings as direct messages.
  • Apr 6, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.1.5 includes better support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with a few helpful bug fixes.
  • Apr 1, 2015

    Automatically post out of office updates to a HipChat room and keep your team in the loop.
  • Mar 31, 2015

    Refresh the design of individual group pages.
  • Mar 19, 2015

    Visitor Kiosk for iPad 1.1.2 fixes a few infrequent, but annoying bugs.
  • Mar 16, 2015

    If you use organization units within Google Apps, you can choose which ones to sync with Pingboard (perfect for excluding equipment, rooms, or past employees).
  • Mar 7, 2015

    Anyone can signup with their work Google account and immediately see a directory filled with coworkers.
  • Feb 18, 2015

    Add custom icons throughout the app, including vacation, out of office, and most everything else.
  • Feb 17, 2015

    Fix a bug that caused problems for companies who sync with TribeHR.
  • Feb 17, 2015

    Improve timezone support, so the dates and times in your This Week email are accurate for you.
  • Feb 13, 2015

    Add installing the Pingboard Google Marketplace app to the signup process.
  • Feb 9, 2015

    Make sure custom field names can be plenty long, but not silly long.
  • Feb 6, 2015

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.1.4 fixes a few small bugs and improves support for your company's custom fields.
  • Feb 3, 2015

    Send replies to an out of office email to the person who added the status.
  • Feb 2, 2015

    Pingboard for Android 1.1.0 adds the vacation calendar and a refreshed design.
  • Feb 2, 2015

    Keep the list of options in order for multiple-choice custom fields.
  • Jan 29, 2015

    Make sure the iPad device name is included in pings sent via text, email, and HipChat.
  • Jan 28, 2015

    Expand HipChat support to include HipChat Server.
  • Jan 20, 2015

    Encourage those with older, unsupported browsers to upgrade.
  • Jan 12, 2015

    Allow admins to see everyone who isn't in a group so no one is missed.
  • Jan 4, 2015

    Start date, birthdate, and custom fields can be virtual groups, making it easy to see everyone who was born in June or went to a certain college.
  • Dec 29, 2014

    Fix a bug that prevented some anniversaries from being calculated correctly in the This Week email.
  • Dec 28, 2014

    Enable paging, so companies with hundreds or thousands of employees have a much better experience while scrolling through the directory.
  • Sep 29, 2014

    Pingboard for iPhone 1.1.0 adds the vacation calendar and a refreshed design.
  • Sep 11, 2014