See Who’s In and Who’s Out (and About)

Add a new level of transparency to your employee’s vacation calendars

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Safely reopen your offices again

If you’re thinking about making your office space available again, our Status tool can help. Use an “In Office” Status to manage social distancing policies. Employees set their Status to “In Office” to let each other know who’s working onsite on a particular day so everyone can keep their distance and stay safe.

See more tips for reopening during a pandemic: Check out our quick guide.

Let coworkers know when you're available

Status is a simple and delightful way to keep everyone in the loop. Your employees can set a status in just a few seconds via the web or from our mobile app, and a status can be set months in advance or updated in real-time as schedules change. Everyone can see each other’s updates and even subscribe to an employee’s vacation calendar to know when a team member is unavailable.

Customizable team calendar to fit your company culture

Do you call vacation days “PTO” or encourage mental health breaks? That’s great. It's easy to customize Status types to fit your company’s policies, lingo, and culture.

And, safely bring your offices back online with Status. Hopefully your teams will be back together soon. For now, use a custom "In Office" status to manage social distancing policies as you open back up.

Sync with your work tools to get real-time updates

Our Slack integration gives your team updates as they happen. Pingboard posts the day’s statuses to Slack in the morning, and posts any status updates throughout the day in real-time. With our Google Apps integration, you can sync employee statuses to Google Calendar.

Admins can create a custom report of employees’ time off to keep track of vacation totals.

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Answer employees’ essential questions with no extra lift

Make it less likely that employees need to ping their admins or managers for info that everyone should have access to. Status helps answer common questions about company holidays, vacations, and availability.

Give access to essential info
“Does my company take President’s day off?”
“Will Marcus be in the office today?”
“What does my team's summer schedule look like?”

“Pingboard's given us a consistent place to get the information we need to work smarter. No one's asking where someone is that day—they just know to go to Pingboard and check their status.”

Dana Nugent • HR Manager
Read how Postlight uses Pingboard to keep its remote workforce connected and informed.
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Add new levels of transparency and flexibility to your workplace