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Employee Directory

Learn about each other

Employee profiles cover the essentials, like email, Slack handle, phone number, skills, and pets’ names (*ahem*). Then customize the other profile fields to fit your company culture and help your employees get connected and find common ground.

  • Give answers to new hires
    “Who can help me understand my benefits?”
  • Get access to shared knowledge
    “Who’s worked with this client before?”
  • Find subject matter experts
    “Who’s an SQL expert?”
  • Connect your people
    “Who else likes cooking?”
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Know who’s available, when

It’s more important than ever to give your team options for how they work. Status is similar to an away message—employees post what they’re up to to keep each other in the loop. Customize Status types to fit your company culture. And, it’s easy for people to update their Status on the go with our mobile app.

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Org Chart

See how everyone fits together

A powerful, interactive org chart makes it clear how teams are organized. It’s easy to keep up-to-date automatically with one of our data integrations. Show your team who works where and which roles are open, and help visual learners answer questions like:

  • “Who does Jack report to?”
  • “How many direct reports does Krishna have?”
  • “Are there any open roles on the marketing team?”
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Get the word out about company-wide news

You probably use email or Slack to send important info to the entire company. But it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Announcements live on Pingboard’s homepage where everyone can see them, and they’re shared at the beginning of each week in an automated email.

“Before, I was kind of the human company directory, with people constantly asking me to help them find emails and phone numbers. Now, that’s all in one place—and I can be about 50% more efficient.”

Kelsey Sullivan • Manager HR & Talent Development
Maxwell Health
Read how Pingboard helped startup Maxwell Health manage its growth and keep employees informed.
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