Vacation Calendar and HR Reporting

We’ve been hard at work on two significant additions to Pingboard.

Vacation Calendar

Almost every company we talk to is unhappy with how their PTO tool. Existing tools are frustrating to use and do a poor job of spreading the information.

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We believe it’s more important that everyone knows who’s out when than to manage a complex paid time off policy. Employees don’t want to log into an HR system to submit time off, they’d rather tap a few buttons in a mobile app.

With the new vacation calendar, anyone can browse what’s happening today or in the future. See at a glance who’s working from a coffee shop and who’s at the beach. This makes it easy to plan a team meeting or decide if it’s is a good week for a company happy hour. Our recent updates allow Pingboard and Google apps sync to work together so your organizational chart updates are automated, and the company Google Calendar communicates with your org chart software.

Share your own status on the web or from your phone, whether you’re at a conference, out sick, or taking a much-needed vacation.

The vacation calendar is available on the web today and the iPhone this month (Android follows soon after).

Time Off Reporting

HR reporting

We’ve created a collection of reports to give you quick access to key information, like birthdays, anniversaries, sick days, and vacation. Because every company is different, there’s also an option to create custom reports. For instance, maybe you need a list of everyone’s name, office location, and t-shirt size. Choose the perfect combination of fields for your situation, then save the report to access anytime.

HR software wasn’t built for things like open vacation policies, distributed teams and a mobile-first world. We think HR software should enable a company’s culture, not suck the life out of it. We’re building Pingboard for modern, innovative companies like yours.

Creating an Unlimited PTO Policy

Need help writing up your unlimited PTO policy? We’ve got you covered:

Get started with our Unlimited Vacation Policy Template!

In this PTO Policy template we’ve outlined the sections that you should include, and examples of the language that should be present.

If you’re already using Pingboard, you can login and start using these features today! If you want to learn more about Pingboard, feel free to signup for a free trial or email to set up a demo. Cheers!

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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