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Built for growing organizations with distributed workplaces that choose to put their people first.

Power up your employee network

“Pingboard has dramatically increased employee engagement. It’s an indispensable tool for our People team and our employees love using it!”

Elyse Bridges • HR Operations Manager • IOU Financial
Used by over 900,000 employees at companies like
  • Carta
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Cloudflare
  • Duolingo
  • Kellogg School of Business
  • Linux Foundation
  • Meetup
  • The Motley Fool
  • Plaid
  • Rent the Runway
  • Silvercar
  • Turo
  • ZocDoc

Help Your People Connect, Celebrate, and Grow Like Never Before

Don't get lost in over-engineered point-solutions. Simplify your HR tech stack and drive engagement so your business can thrive.

Surveys That Build Trust

Create a feedback culture and reinforce how much your organization prioritizes the employee experience.


An Always-Relevant Org Chart

Show your team who reports to who and how departments and teams fit together. When people see how they fit into the bigger picture, there’s a feeling of being part of something larger than just yourself.

Create an Org Chart

Genuine Peer Recognition

Recognizing the people who do great work increases their self-esteem and sense of belonging to your company.

Peer Recognition

Build Stronger Relationships

Teach your managers to focus on employee growth when conducting 1:1s. Pingboard automates recurring 1:1s and helps managers think more like coaches.

1:1 Meetings

Rich Employee Profiles

Customize what your people share with each other to make it fit with your culture. Custom fields make it easy for everyone to share what unique skills and diverse perspectives they bring to your organization!

Increased Transparency

Employee Milestones

See who’s celebrating a birthday, first day, or work anniversary today—and in the future.

Connected Teams

Promote Transparency & Empowerment

Drive Engagement Before Day One

We understand that the employee experience starts during recruiting. Our holistic approach begins before day one ever begins—with touchpoints and interactions crafted for engagement and retention.

Why Pingboard?

Flashcard Game

Put a face to a name and discover fun facts about who’s who and who does what! New hires will appreciate a chance to feel more comfortable getting to know who their coworkers are.

Who's Who Quiz

A Powerful Employee Directory

Search the directory for answers to everyday questions. Find coworkers by name, office location, skills, interests, and more.

Employee Directory

The Away Message, Reimagined

Status tells you who’s in and who’s out—today, tomorrow, and even months in advance. Connect with Slack to see coworkers' updated Statuses in real-time.

Who's Out

Name Pronunciation

Foster inclusivity, connection and problem solving between teams and departments and alleviate social hesitation of any kind.

Pingboard works where your people work

Connect with your everyday work tools like Slack and Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to share employees’ important milestones and keep everyone in the loop at your ever-evolving company.

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