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An Introductory Guide to the Corporate Chain of Command [+Examples]

If there’s one management process that can foster collaboration, innovation, productivity, job satisfaction, and more, it’s a well-designed and thoughtfully implemented chain of command. A chain of command describes who employees should report to and when they should consult their supervisor with project decisions. Not only is it part and parcel of a company’s hierarchy, but it’s essential to creating…

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Chain of Command

Our 8 Tips for Getting Remote Work Right

To state the obvious: There’s a lot going on right now, and it’s fair to assume that everyone is feeling a little unsteady. We’re all worried about the health of our families and communities and concerned about the future. And even if you’re lucky enough to work in a job where you’re able to work remotely, it’s easy to be…

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Pingboard's 8 Tips for Getting Remote Work Right

A GDPR Compliance Checklist for US Companies

Analyzing data about website visitors or current customers is essential for providing the best possible user experience. However, if any of your visitors or customers are based in the European Union, you need to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—or risk being fined millions of dollars. With 11 chapters, 99 articles, and 173 recitals (a statement…

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GDPR Checklist Article

6 Free Business & Personal Directory Templates for Word, Excel & Google Sheets

Strong connections between people are essential for building a successful company or organization. An awesome first step to fostering these connections is making and distributing a directory. By putting contact information at employees’ fingertips, a directory encourages coworkers to reach out to each other without relying on gatekeepers to facilitate communication. Included here are six directory templates to get you…

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Directory Template Article Image

What is the 9-Box Model & How to Use It [Free Template]

Improving employee performance and tapping them for future leadership roles are just a few of the ways you can increase job satisfaction and retention rates. The 9-box model is a simple, free tool that helps HR and managers accomplish all that and more. This guide covers what the 9-box model is, why it might be the right tool for your…

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9-Box Model for HR & How to Use It article 2

How to Make an Office Seating Chart in Excel [Template]

Want to foster more communication and collaboration amongst your employees? An office seating chart can help. When people know where to find each other, in-person conversation happens, which is almost always better than chat or email. Being deliberate about who sits where and then sharing that info with your staff via a seating chart can nurture relationships among coworkers, promote…

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How to Make an Office Seating Chart in Excel [Template]

Everything You Need to Onboard a New Hire [Free Checklist]

How you onboard a new hire sets the tone for that employee’s experience at your company. A good employee onboarding experience is an opportunity to make team members feel comfortable and confident in their new position. A poorly organized orientation, on the other hand, can put the employee on unsure footing and make them question if they made the right…

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Illustration of Onboarding Paperwork Checklist

How to Write a Business Case (with Examples & Template to Help)

  You have a great idea. Now, you want to gather an expert team and show stakeholders that your project is viable. But how exactly do you do that? Before your idea is approved, you need to cover how you will finance and sustain your project. That’s where a business case comes in. A business case shows key stakeholders exactly…

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How to Write a Business Case

How to Calculate Turnover Rate + 3 Ways to Reduce Attrition [Turnover Report Template]

Some employee turnover is to be expected when running a business, but how does your company’s turnover rate compare to its competitors’? Knowing your company’s employee turnover rate is vital for assessing the health of your business when it comes to costs and team morale. In this guide, we’ll break down the formula for calculating attrition, cover how to create…

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Hiring the right people to reduce turnover rate

24 Internal Interview Questions & Tips to Hire the Best Internal Candidate [+ Free Interview Templates]

When you need to fill an open position, current employees often make excellent candidates. They’re already well-versed in the company’s mission, values, and workflows, making it easier to onboard them and help them get up to speed efficiently in a new role. However, interviewing internal candidates is a little different from interviewing someone from outside the company. Adjusting your questions…

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Internal Job Interview