Just Launched: Name Pronunciation!

2 minutes • Sep 8, 2022CultureProductEmployee Engagement
Name Pronunciation - Just Launched!

Create a Culture of Inclusivity & Drive Engagement with Name Pronunciation

I know, it’s a doozy— Pokoik (Puh-koy-ick). 

My last name has been mispronounced for as long as I can remember. 

Our name is an extension of our identity and research shows that hearing your name spoken out loud (correctly, of course) literally floods your brain with feel-good chemicals. The surge in dopamine and serotonin creates a natural burst of energy that signals trust, empathy, and compassion. 

All throughout my career, I could sense when someone would avoid addressing me in meetings because they were nervous about saying my name incorrectly. It sometimes leads to me missing opportunities to speak up or feeling less visible or valued. 

When people feel that they need to compromise their identities for social acceptance, their emotional well-being inevitably suffers


Here’s the problem.

Your workplace isn’t inclusive if people’s names are routinely mispronounced. This type of unnecessary stressor can cause employees to feel isolated, to be looked over for promotions, and contribute to their overall sense of burnout. 

Gallup’s Engagement Model explains in their hierarchy of employee needs that people need to feel like someone at work cares about them, and that their work is making an impact (among a few other basic needs mentioned).  

Those feelings of engagement can’t happen if someone’s name isn't being said correctly. 

That’s why we’re launching Name Pronunciation!

Your employees can now record exactly how to say their name for others to access on their Pingboard profile. 

Name Pronunciation

This is a fantastic addition to your onboarding checklist for new hires. They can play the flashcard game, learn who’s who and who does what, see what they have in common with others, and now also take the time to set themselves up for success by filling out their Pingboard profile and recording how to pronounce their name. You’ll drive inclusivity at an already vulnerable time of being new. 💛

Even if the pronunciation is obvious, encourage all of your employees to add phonetic spelling. Everyone’s participation helps alleviate social hesitation of any kind. 

Companies of all sizes can struggle to know everyone’s name, but this new feature allows everyone the chance to address one another properly when needed. This has the potential to make a significant impact on inclusivity, morale, and problem-solving between teams and departments. 

So, yes. My last name is difficult to say. But moving forward, everyone I work with can say it with confidence and I can focus on making more awesome ideas like this one a reality for all Pingboard customers. 

Want to learn more? Click here!


Template to announce to your company, below! 👇

Hi Everyone,

Pingboard launched an awesome new feature to help us make our workplace more inclusive!

From your Pingboard profile, you can now record how to pronounce your name! Just navigate to your Pingboard profile: 

Click your avatar (upper right corner) > profile > edit profile 

Companies of all sizes struggle to know absolutely everyone’s name, but this new feature allows everyone at our company the chance to address one another properly. Whether you have an easier or more difficult name to pronounce, please take advantage of this feature!

This has the potential to make a big impact on inclusivity, morale, and problem-solving between teams and departments! 

Thanks all, 

- [Your Name]

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