Q3 Pingboard Product Updates

1 minute • Aug 18, 2022ProductEmployee Engagement

Our Strategy and Mission Going Forward

Hi everyone,

As my fourth month as CEO of Pingboard comes to a close, I'm proud to share an exciting update on our strategy and mission.

Our team's mission is to deliver an employee experience platform that solves the problems of low employee engagement and retention. I've detailed this out for you in a new blog post.

We love our mission and strategy and welcome any feedback or questions you have! Just reply to this email if you have feedback or want to leave us a 👍 or 🎉 !

If you missed it, you can catch a recap of our live webinar below where we showed you in more detail the new features mentioned in this newsletter. 

Q3 Customer Webinar

Watch a replay of our Q3 webinar!

Just Launched

Applaud Multiple People

You asked, and we delivered! Our peer recognition tool Applause now lets you recognize up to 10 people at once. Implementing a recognition program is a light lift and a huge driver of engagement! [read more]

A Better Org Chart Experience

Since we started in 2014, Pingboard has had the same horizontal navigation. While it’s served well over the years, we decided to make some changes for a more robust, flexible navigation experience! [watch video]

Add More Status Types

If you're using our Status add-on to keep everyone in the loop, you can now add up to 30 status types. Customize to your culture and represent multiple locations using their preferred language and terms.

Group Contact Syncing

This feature is great for organizations that need to communicate using a company phone or if you want to add a coworker's contact info to your mobile contacts.

Coming Soon...

Name Pronunciation

A workplace isn’t inclusive if people’s names are routinely mispronounced. Soon any of your employees can add an audio snippet to help others address them properly! (coming soon)

New From our Podcast

Why do Candidates Ghost? 👻

Ghosting is frustrating. But something happened to cause the person to stop responding. How do you figure out if it was your fault or not?  Listen to hear this simple way to get the feedback you need to optimize your recruiting process! 

Have an idea of a problem Pingboard could solve for your company? Drop us a note and let us know what you think. I'm all ears! Thanks for reading, — Laith Dahiyat, CEO of Pingboard

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