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5 minutes • Jul 5, 2023ProductGeneralEmployee Engagement

Our Strategy and Mission Going Forward

It’s been four months since I was announced as the new CEO of Pingboard. In those four months, the Pingboard team has embarked on a series of initiatives that I want to share with you. We are building on what we already do to become the employee experience suite built for growing organizations that put their people first. And in doing so to deliver you, the customer, real business results.

Pingboard - The employee experience suite built for growing organizations that put their people first.

Covid-19 changed the nature of work forever. The shift to remote work happened nearly overnight, and with it came new challenges for employers and their people. Disengagement and “The Great Resignation” surfaced as critical business threats impacting not only morale and productivity but also customer relationships and revenue. 

In today’s hybrid work world, connecting and engaging your people is crucial. A great employee experience isn’t just a nice to have - It’s imperative to achieve business growth. Pingboard’s mission going forward will be to deliver solutions that solve the problems of low employee engagement and retention. We’ve begun to invest heavily into all aspects of the employee experience. Our mission? To deliver a complete employee experience platform crafted to create connection, drive retention and deliver real business results for our customers and their people. 

New Features

Over the past 6 months, we’ve made significant investments in our team, growing our employee count company by 25%. These investments in our Customer Support and Product Development teams are already making a big impact on you, the Customer. 

Our support ticket response times have been cut in half vs. a year ago, and our support ticket resolution times have been cut by over 70%. 

And our investments in Product Development have made a dramatic impact on the rate at which we’re delivering solutions to the market.

A better org chart experience

We are constantly listening to our users, and we’ve heard you loud and clear: Make the org chart tool even faster and easier to use. The org chart now features new and improved search and navigation tools to help you navigate your org structure quickly and find what you need. 


70% of the employee experience depends on the employee + manager relationship. This feature teaches your managers to think more like coaches and gets them into the regular habit of checking in with their direct reports. We’ve designed it to prompt open-ended discussion in a way that makes the employee feel supported and see their path to grow at your company.

Applaud multiple people

Our peer recognition tool, Applause, now lets you recognize up to 10 people at once. Regular peer recognition is an easy lift and a huge driver of engagement. If you’re not using it at your company, we encourage you to give it a try. It even works within Slack. 

Mobile app improvements 

We live in a mobile world, and your employees (and you!) use mobile devices constantly throughout the day. We receive consistent feedback that Pingboard should work seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices. Our app now makes it easier to set a status, see who's who or give recognition right from your mobile device. It can even synch your Pingboard contacts with your mobile contacts, making it even easier to reach coworkers. With less friction in the mobile experience, the Pingboard app only adds to the value of working at your organization.

Name pronunciation

A workplace isn’t inclusive if people’s names are routinely mispronounced. Now, any of your employees can add an audio snippet to help others address them properly and avoid unnecessary confusion or embarrassment. 

Add up to 30 status types

If you're using our Status add-on to keep everyone in the loop, you can now add up to 30 status types. Customize to your culture and represent multiple locations in the language and terms that they use. 

Surveys (Coming Soon)

Surveys are the best way for companies to measure employee engagement, gather feedback, and help their employees feel heard. Regular surveys are integral to a healthy and engaged workforce. This feature is currently in Beta and we’re excited to launch in the fall. 

New investments going forward

Customers play a central role in defining our roadmap. Investment decisions are not made in a vacuum. Quite the opposite - Our Support teams are constantly gathering feedback from our users and our product teams conduct regular customer interviews, asking what problems you’re facing as a business and how Pingboard can help. Moving forward, our product roadmap will be focused on some key themes that clearly emerged from our conversations.

Pingboard working where your people work: Slack and Microsoft Teams Integrations

Team collaboration tools, namely Slack and Microsoft Teams, are how modern workforces interact. They’re used across teams to collaborate, communicate and disseminate information no matter where your people are located. Going forward, we will be leaning heavily into integrating Pingboard with Slack and Microsoft Teams. We’ll be delivering an all-new Pingboard Slack app that brings a rich Pingboard experience directly into Slack - Add and edit Statuses, send Applause, receive surveys and notifications right in the app. 

People Ops analytics

Data is critical when making decisions on how to improve your employee experience. We’re working on new dashboards, metrics, and reports to offer visibility into what opportunities exist to drive engagement based on how your employees interact with the app.

Integrations with even more payroll and HRIS systems

We’re working on integrating with even more payroll and HRIS systems. These new integrations will allow data to seamlessly and automatically synch data with Pingboard, making it easier to keep everything in one place while allowing you to take advantage of all of the features we have to offer.

New pricing plans

To better align our packages and pricing with our current feature set and future investment, Pingboard will be announcing new pricing plans in the coming weeks. These new plans will be structured to include the new features we’ve added and will continue to add, to the platform. We will also be sunsetting many of our older pricing plans that are no longer relevant. For some customers, this means that there will be an increase in price. While no one likes getting a price increase, the pricing changes will be aligned with a much richer feature set, better customer support, and increased investment in our platform and team. Pingboard is the #1 platform for Employee Experience and Engagement in the market. We will continue to offer a more complete feature set and better customer support than our competition while remaining very competitively priced.

In Closing…

I could not be more excited about the future of Pingboard and the platform that we deliver to you, the loyal customer. Our continued investments in our product and staff mean that disengagement and “The Great Resignation” don’t have to negatively impact your business in the new hybrid-work world. Pingboard can help you engage and elevate your employee experience.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to many of you personally and hope to continue to do so.  My door (and inbox) are always open so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any ideas or feedback. You can email me directly at

Thanks! — Laith

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