NEW! Drive Employee Engagement by Applauding Multiple People at Once

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Now, Applaud up to 10 people at once!

Recognition is Your Secret Weapon to Drive Engagement

If your company has gone fully remote or hybrid since the pandemic, then you know how powerful it is to drive feelings of connection while apart! Peer recognition is a quick and easy way to make your people feel appreciated for the work that they do. When people feel like their work matters, it's a huge driver of employee engagement.

Our peer recognition tool called Applause first launched in 2019 and quickly became a favorite feature among our customers.

Originally, any employee could Applaud a single coworker for going above and beyond. The employee receives an email notification about it, the recipient's manager gets notified of their great work, and the recognition from their colleague displays on their Pingboard profile.

But what about the times when several people pull through for you in a pinch? That's why we've added the ability for any employee to Applaud up to 10 people at once!

Gratitude Multiplies Gratitude

With this new expanded functionality of Applause, your people can share the love more easily and across different scenarios. Sometimes one person goes out of their way to do something great, and sometimes several do. Applause can now handle both!

New, expanded functionality!

Research shows that 74% of people who receive praise also strongly agree that they feel the work they do is valued and useful. If you're striving to turn your company into a great place to work but have a tight budget, using Applause would be a quick win for you.

In the most productive workplaces, appreciation is expressed by a manager to an employee or an employee to an employee at least once every seven days.

-Forbes Coaches Council

Appreciation at work has incredible benefits for your organization:

  • foster a culture of appreciation

  • improve productivity

  • build morale

  • help your people feel seen, like their work matters

Other Ways to Drive Engagement with Applause

Run a Monthly Drawing

Want to encourage constant recognition? Many of our customers will run an Applause report (Admin > Reports > Applause) and randomly select 1-3 winners of a gift card at their company All Hands. This is a low-cost way to encourage your people to continue to build a culture of appreciation (and helps you deliver a great employee experience!)

Try Giving Applause from Slack

We like to make Pingboard accessible from the tools you already use. Pingboard's Slack and Applause add-ons work together to make giving employees recognition even easier. Once activated, each Applause notification posted to Slack includes a 👏 button for others to react and join in on the recognition.

Applause Slack Command

You can set up your Slack integration to push Applause updates to any channel of your choice. At Pingboard, we automatically push our Applause notifications to post on our #General channel so everyone can see who's doing great work. If you have a larger company of 100+ employees, you might create a dedicated slack channel like #Applause or #Celebrations and set up your Applause notifications to automatically push there.

Slack + Applause
Make Your New Hires Feel Great

When onboarding ends, encourage your managers to boost the confidence of their new hire by publicly telling them “good job” and that “they’re excited for the impact they will make”. This helps the new hire feel like they have successfully completed and closed their chapter of onboarding and it’s time for the real work to begin!

New Hire Applause

Use Applause to Add Context to Performance Reviews

As an admin, you can run an Applause report (Admin > Reports > Applause) to download a .csv of all recognition given. Easily filter by manager and send out to your leaders so they can give kudos to their employees when evaluating the impact the person has had on your company.

Get Started with Applause

Applause is a Pingboard add-on you can turn on at any time. Recognizing the people who do great work increases everyone's self-esteem and sense of belonging at your company. Start creating your culture of appreciation and turn your company into a great place to work, with Applause!

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