Large Restaurant Org Chart Template

Need a hand building an org chart for your large restaurant? Our template includes common roles like servers and line cooks, as well as specialized roles like pastry chefs, food runners, finance directors, and marketing managers. We also have templates for small restaurants.

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Most Common Job Titles for Large Restaurants

For more insight into building smarter org charts, check out the top 5 positions large restaurants typically hire for at each tier.

  • Tier 1 Positions

    1. CEO
    2. Owner
    3. President
    4. General Manager
    5. Co-Founder
  • Tier 2 Positions

    1. Chief Financial Operator
    2. Executive Assistant
    3. Executive Chef
    4. Kitchen Manager
    5. Chief Operating Officer
  • Tier 3 Positions

    1. Front of House Lead
    2. Area Leader
    3. Supervisor
    4. District Manager
    5. Beverage Director
  • Tier 4 Positions

    1. Chef
    2. Waiter
    3. Cashier
    4. Sous Chef
    5. Manager

Want more examples? Check out our templates for small restaurants and marketing agencies.

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