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The Missing Directory for Google Apps

You’ve been looking for a better way to store and share employee data in Google Apps. Look no further. Pingboard is the employee directory for Google Apps. Give your team access to everyone’s info from their iPhone, Android or desktop.

Employee Directory

Sign in with Google

No need to create a username or remember another password. Users securely sign in to the employee directory with their Google Apps account. You can even require 2-step verification for added security.

No Setup Required: Sync with Google Apps to import your entire company into Pingboard in minutes. As new employees are added to Google Apps, they’re automatically added to Pingboard, along with their profile details. You can also selectively sync teams using your organizational units from Google Apps.

Custom directory fields

Store the things you can’t in Google Apps: skills, start date, employee #, office location, etc. Share fun stuff too: photos, alma mater, kids names, favorite coffee shop, etc. Control access with easy-to-use privacy settings.

Brian Huddleston

Pingboard provides the functionality that Google Apps currently does not.”

Brian Huddleston
Head of IT | Sumo Logic
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Auto-updated vacation calendar

Publish out of office updates to a shared Google calendar that your entire company or just specific teams can view.

Access shared calendars

Find out if someone is available right now via Google Calendar, without having to subscribe to their calendar first. Subscribing to Google Calendars is normally a hassle, especially over and over again for everyone in your company. Pingboard gives you fast access to everyone’s calendar.