Peer-to-Peer Recognition Peer-to-Peer Recognition

There’s power in Peer-to-peer recognition! Applause is a lightweight and fun way to improve employee engagement, build camaraderie, and create a culture of appreciation at your company.

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Applaud your coworkers

Bring everyone together

Managers shouldn’t be the only people responsible for giving recognition - peers often give better feedback because they're on the ground working together every day!

And according to a recent survey, more than 85% of HR people agree that recognition programs contribute to positive culture, improved relationships, and an overall better experience for employees.

Build a culture of appreciation and positivity

There is power in gratitude. When any employee can give recognition big or small, research supports that you’ll notice an improvement in productivity and relationships across teams

Add color to your performance reviews

A manager gets a notification when an employee receives Applause. Seeing qualitative feedback about their employees’ great work can help managers hold more meaningful conversations around individual career performance and growth.