Employee Management Software

Simplify employee management operations with your custom directory. Store, manage, and access vital information from anywhere.

Employee Directory

Store office information in one place

Customize your directory to store the information that matters to you: contact info, birthdays, employee numbers, title, etc. Or, share the fun stuff, like photos, hometown, kids names, favorite coffee shop, etc. Customizable settings let you control what information is accessible to everyone and what should be kept private.

Self service

You can Let each person manage their own profile, giving you extra time to focus on what’s important. Set what information they can edit and what information can be updated by managers. Keep sensitive information visible to admin level users only.

Customizable reports

Easier than spreadsheets—create reports with the information you need, like start date, parking number, and birthdays. Save reporting templates, so you can access and share the same information freely.

Easy vacation tracking

Employees can set time off, which is immediately visible on Pingboard or directly within Google Calendar. Get instant notifications when time off is requested and pull up reports on historical time off requests.