Empowered employees Make Things Happen

Here’s how to create an autonomous and transparent organization

Teach them to fish (for their own answers)!

Your people are your biggest asset—don’t frustrate them! A searchable employee directory helps everyone find answers to their questions instead of needing to ask around. It’s easier than ever for your people to learn about, find, and connect with each other based on skills, hobbies, personality type and more!


Create better first days

A new hire can look up who someone is, who they report to, and learn fun facts about them. This helpful context empowers employees to feel connected before a conversation even happens! With an explorable org chart, everyone can orient themself with where they sit and how they fit into the greater purpose of your organization.

Org Chart

Improve attitudes and build rapport

When your people feel valued and appreciated, productivity goes up (as well as engagement and morale). Our built-in peer recognition makes it easy and fun to write a quick note to a coworker for going above and beyond. When your whole organization understands this concept, everything accelerates!


Help everyone find meaning and purpose together

Work friendships are how the work gets done—create an environment that helps employees quickly learn all that they have in common. By meeting their human needs for connection, you’re creating more engaged teams, while also looking out for their mental well-being.

Employee connections

“We have a lot of projects requiring cross functional collaboration in our department. Being able to search for who has what expertise in specific areas helps us do more for our community and for each individual customer.”

John Corniel • Deputy Director
Yuba County Health & Human Services

Create a More Engaged Workforce