Build Communities at Work

Pingboard brings teams together for a positive work culture

Celebrate each other’s important milestones

The employee dashboard shows who’s celebrating a birthday, work anniversary, or first day!

Look ahead in the calendar or check out the Monday morning email to see any upcoming milestones so you never miss a chance to reach out to your colleagues. Like they say, teams that celebrate together, stay together.

Help remote employees build a community at work

It's easy for remote employees to feel left out, but the future of work requires all of us to connect with each other and with the company, even if we can’t be there in person. That’s where Pingboard can help. Profiles help employees share who they are, and features like Spotlight empower coworkers put a face to a name, even—nay, especially—for people they don’t see every day.

Show your people they’re appreciated

Our built-in peer recognition makes it easy and fun to write a quick note to a coworker for going above and beyond. Applause lives on the employee dashboard, letting the entire company see who’s doing great work.


Help Employees Make Connections

Anyone can view their Connections to see what they have in common with their coworkers. Find out who listens to the same podcast or who else likes to cook. Connections are a starting point for stronger work relationships—especially important when you can’t be together in person.


Get everyone on the same page

Volunteer opportunity, Holiday party, or new benefits rolling out? Post company-wide announcements on your Pingboard homepage so everyone can see important reminders in one clear spot. Announcements can also be included in the automated email sent at the start of the work week.

“With team members located all around the world, our organization relies heavily on Pingboard to keep us connected and informed.”

Matthew L. Bromley • General Counsel
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Connect your people with Pingboard