Store richer employee information in Pingboard

I’m happy to tell you about a new round features that we’ve added. We built these features because you told us how important they are.

When you get a minute, let me know what you think. Tell me what we should add to make Pingboard more awesome; tell me what we’re doing wrong; tell me how Pingboard can make your life easier!

New Features:

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Smart Data Types

dataWhen you customize your employee database, now you can create smart fields including lists, dates, checkboxes, tags, numbers, email and phone numbers. Previously you were limited to just text fields.

Required Data

required.1The information that you store in Pingboard can be configured to be visible by employees or kept private just for admins. Now when your employees fill out their info, you can require that certain information not be left blank.

Team Images

teams.3Spruce up your directory by using images when you organize by team. We’ve include stock images for common departments like Development, Sales and Marketing.

International Phone Numbers

Have team members outside of the US? When entering a phone number in Pingboard we will automatically recognize the country code and display the number in the local format.
e.g. +44 55 5512 1212 vs (512) 555-1212


Go ahead and grow your company… we’ll keep up! We have added several improves to make large directories load fast and to improve the overall responsiveness of the app.

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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