Org Chart Software Could Save Your Waning Employee Engagement

3 minutes • Aug 23, 2018Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a top goal for nearly all companies, because employees who are committed to their work and the company tend to be more productive, innovative, and supportive of company goals and objectives. However, according to Gallup research, only 13 percent of the global workforce is engaged. There are many potential causes for low employee engagement, including lack of empowerment, inadequate recognition, and undeveloped relationships with coworkers. Here are some of the reasons your employee engagement may be waning and how org chart software can help:

Poor Recognition

One of the easiest ways to show staff they are valued is by starting an employee recognition program. Managers could call out an individual during a meeting or companies could start a peer to peer recognition program. However, one of the key reasons employees may be disengaged is because they feel undervalued and unrecognized for their efforts. One research study found that 78 percent of employees are highly engaged when they experience strong recognition, but only 34 percent of employees are engaged when they are poorly recognized. The same study also found that employees view recognition as being the number one thing their boss or company could do to cause them to do great work, ranking higher than a pay raise, a promotion, or more training.

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Live org chart software can help leaders at all levels of the organization gain a stronger understanding of who each team’s individuals are and what they’re accountable for throughout the company. Live org charts feature detailed profiles that show not just an employee’s title and who they report to, but also details such as where they went to school, unique qualities, and key accomplishments, which can help managers get to know their employees and recognize them for their contributions.

Limited Resources

Another cause of poor employee engagement is limited resources, training, or other tools that can help individuals perform efficiently. When employees don’t know where to find certain information or who is responsible for a particular area of the business, they may end up wasting valuable time searching for answers to the simplest questions, which can lead to frustration and lower productivity.

Org chart software gives employees more access to company resources by giving them the ability to search the entire company org chart for keywords in profiles, department names, or custom fields. Instead of having to ask three or four people which team is responsible for what, a live org chart helps employees find the information quicker and more efficiently.

Lack of Empowerment

When all of the decision-making power is centralized at the top of the organizational structure, employees may feel they lack empowerment to make decisions that affect their team and work. Org chart software can empower leaders outside the C-suite and help them feel more involved in workforce planning decisions that affect their teams. Live org charts can be shared among specific individuals throughout the organization, allowing them to collaborate and participate in reorganization and staffing planning for their teams before org charts go public for all employees to see.

Org chart software also helps employees feel empowered by giving them the ability to update their employee profiles. When employees can add new photos, update their accomplishments, or add new skills, they have more control over how much of their information is shared with coworkers.

Employees Feel Disconnected

When employees feel disconnected from their manager or coworkers, they tend to feel less engaged and productive at work. A TinyPulse employee engagement study found that one of the top five reasons employee engagement drops is because employees feel disconnected from their peers. Org chart software can help employees develop deeper connections with one another through a range of features such as:

  • Rich profiles that let employees share information with coworkers about themselves, such as favorite foods, pets’ names, and unique talents

  • Games that help employees match names and profile data to faces

  • Mobile integrations that allow employees to take the org chart with them wherever they go

  • Calendar syncing that helps employees see when coworkers are away from the office or in a meeting

If you sense that employee engagement in your company is low, you can reverse the tide of disengagement with the aid of technology that puts more information in the hands of employees, allowing them to collaborate more and get better connected. Live org chart software does more than display organizational structure. It can be your secret weapon to help improve employee engagement.

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