Employee Engagement Software

Pingboard is employee engagement software for growing companies that want to keep a tight-knit team. Help your employees get to know each other better.

Employee Directory

Get to know your coworkers

Store fun information to help your team get to know each other and make connections. Get to know off-site employees in other locations and departments. Let new hires feel instantly connected with team photos, interests, and fun facts.

Find the team member you're looking for

You can search through your company’s employees by skills, department, interests, office location, start date and more. Keep everything organized by assigning people to groups, such as “Dev Team” or “Event Planners”.

Weekly internal newsletter

Give your team a way to keep up with important events. Your weekly newsletter updates the team with upcoming vacations, new hires, anniversaries, and birthdays, powered by the information in your directory.

Sync your coworker's contacts to your phone

Pingboard continuously updates your directory in the background. As new hires come on board, they’re instantly added to your address book. You’ll always have your coworkers’s information handy.