Growth Planning: Include Others Outside The C-Suite

While it’s true that the C-suite bears considerable responsibility for providing strategic direction for any business, there can be many benefits to including other individuals in company decision-making activities. In fact, one research study found that teams that engage in inclusive decision-making make better business decisions 87 percent of the time, and they also make decisions faster and with fewer meetings.

Organizational growth can have a transformative effect on every employee in the company, and those outside the C-suite have unique perspectives and outlooks that can positively influence strategic growth discussions. When it comes time for growth planning, organizational leaders can realize a range of benefits as a result of including others outside the C-suite, such as:

Broader Perspectives and New Ideas

Successful growth planning considers a broad range of scenarios and suggestions for key hires, the organization of teams, and who should lead these teams. However, great ideas aren’t limited to the C-suite. Including others in growth planning discussions can help to generate a greater number of ideas beyond those that might come from the very top of the organizational hierarchy. And when others are included in growth planning, they can also bring new perspectives about how certain organizational changes will affect teams and individuals, helping to frame out the pros and cons of potential staffing decisions.

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Development of Capable Leaders

A good way to develop emerging and front-line leaders is to provide them with opportunities to get involved in the strategic business decision-making process. Workforce planning discussions can be a good place to start. Supervisors and managers of teams can develop their leadership competencies if they’re involved in key growth planning processes, helping them to see not only how important decisions get made but also what will be expected of them as they progress to executive-level leadership positions.

Empowerment and Engagement

Employees tend to feel more engaged and empowered to do their best when they’re involved in decisions that affect them.

According to one survey, employees feel 4.6 times more empowered at work when they have a say and feel their voice is heard.

Likewise, employees included in growth planning discussions may feel more engaged and empowered when they have a voice in decisions that will affect them and their teams. One company that practiced inclusive decision-making realized not only more engaged employees but also a stronger ability to pivot and change during times of growth.

Execution of Growth Plans

Any decisions that come out of growth planning discussions need to be implemented by individuals both in and outside of the C-suite, so it makes good sense to involve those individuals in the planning phase. Whether growth planning includes strategic hires or the reorganization of teams, individuals outside the C-suite can play a valuable role in actively managing change and helping other employees understand the organizational structure as it evolves. Research performed by engagement survey firm TINYpulse found that managers outside the C-suite often play the biggest role in implementing and communicating strategic company decisions.

There is a range of benefits associated with involving others beyond the C-suite in growth planning. Companies that forego inclusion may be missing out on opportunities to positively impact employee engagement and ensure the successful execution of organizational growth plans. Organizational growth affects every employee and leader, and collaboration tools such as live org charts can bring prospective and actual org structures to life. Growth planning doesn’t have to be limited to a handful of executive leaders. Modern org chart software allows multiple versions of a company org chart to be shared seamlessly with select individuals and teams, giving those individuals the ability to participate and collaborate on different scenarios for future growth.

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Cameron Nouri
by Cameron Nouri
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