4 Employee Engagement Ideas That Boost Morale

2 minutes • May 2, 2019Employee Engagement

Healthy employee engagement contributes to morale and overall satisfaction at work. When people are enthusiastically committed to their work, they naturally feel more positive about it. A focus on improving employee engagement is a worthwhile goal for any organization. Research shows a strong link between engagement and a range of positive performance outcomes such as higher productivity, lower turnover, and greater profitability. In addition, higher employee engagement drives morale and stronger feelings of well-being among employees. Here are four employee engagement ideas that can help boost morale in the workplace:

1. Recognition

Employee recognition lets individuals know they’re valued. When they know their contributions are appreciated, they’re more likely to generate positive feelings in the workplace. Recognition can take many forms, including compensation, performance feedback, a pat on the back, or a congratulatory email. Org chart software is also a useful tool for increasing recognition. A live org chart can help leaders understand the unique skills and accountabilities of people in the organization, allowing them to get to know their people and recognize them for their contributions.

2. Opportunities for Feedback

There are many forms of feedback that can motivate employees and boost morale.

Gallup research found that employees were more engaged when their manager regularly communicated with them about expectations, discussed progress toward key goals, and delivered feedback that focused on their strengths.

An employee survey is another useful tool for increasing feedback in the workplace. Employee engagement surveys, for example, provide regular opportunities for employees to give feedback and offer suggestions for improving workplace morale. Lastly, identifying mentorship opportunities is another employee engagement idea that boosts morale. Feedback from a mentor supports individual career development and also encourages employees to develop a stronger commitment to their own success as well as that of the company.

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3. Team Building

People value a sense of belonging and knowing they have the support of their team behind them. When individuals bond and form a strong sense of team, they become more aligned with team goals and committed to ensuring team success. A recent TINYpulse survey found that camaraderie and positive peer relationships often lead employees to go the extra mile at work. Team-building exercises or off-sites can be a great way to help individuals connect and get to know one another. Team-building exercises can go beyond off-sites and trust falls. Other examples include:

  • Summer picnics

  • Team training or lunch-and-learns

  • Fun group activities such as a scavenger hunt or an escape room

  • A daily huddle that focuses the team

4. Empowerment

When employees have a voice in certain decisions that affect their work, they’re more likely to feel engaged. A great way to boost morale through empowerment is to include key leaders in company decision-making. For example, if leaders have opportunities to participate in reorganization or staff planning for their team, they will feel more empowered to lead and will likely become more engaged and committed to the success of the company. Other employee engagement ideas that can empower employees include:

  • Selecting an employee to run a department meeting

  • Soliciting employee feedback and suggestions for improving company processes

  • Delegating important tasks to other members of the team

When employees are engaged, they have a more positive outlook at work. By adopting these four employee engagement ideas in the workplace, you can drive higher morale and have empowered, happy employees. In today’s workplace, modern technology is a valuable catalyst for improving recognition, feedback, team building, and employee empowerment. Tools such as a live org chart provide employees with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and develop relationships that support engagement in the workplace.

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