11 Features of Best-in-Class Org Chart Software

3 minutes • Apr 30, 2019General

Organizational design is one of the most important aspects of the workplace, as roles and teams must be structured optimally to ensure productivity and performance. In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, business leaders ranked organizational design as a top priority. When it comes to illustrating the organizational structure and the makeup of teams, org chart software is the modern tool for getting it done. No longer limited to a desktop file, org chart software offers flexibility, integration, and so much more. Here are the top features you should expect from your org chart software:

1. Multiple layout options

Org chart software can help you display the organizational structure as it really looks, whether the company is organized by function, geography, product, or customer. In addition to offering options for different colors and page orientations, org chart software can also include shared roles, assistant roles, and dotted-line reporting.

2. Integration

Today’s live org chart software is always up to date via seamless integration with HRIS and payroll systems like BambooHR and Namely. When the org chart integrates with email and shareable team calendar, single sign-on platforms, and Slack, employees can see important information—for example, when coworkers are in the office and available to collaborate.

3. Great customer support

Onboarding support helps facilitate integration and data uploads and quickly gets new users up to speed. Full-time email and phone support, as well as a searchable knowledge base, helps with troubleshooting and enables users to take full advantage of org chart software functionality.

4. Security

Data integrity and security are key features of best-in-class org chart software. Choosing a provider with comprehensive security and privacy policies gives you the peace of mind that comes with being able to securely share public data while keeping confidential employee information private.

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5. Employee directory

A searchable employee directory gives employees the ability to find coworkers according to any org chart field, such as name, department, location, or fun facts like birthdays. Org chart software transforms the employee directory into a treasure trove of information that keeps employees informed and connected.

6. Customizable fields

Modern org charts include more than names, titles, and locations. Org chart software can be configured to include custom fields such as job responsibility, education, key skills, and any other field you desire.

7. Mobile access

Staying connected is more important than ever in today’s workplace. Native mobile apps give employees the ability to access the company org chart from anywhere and from any device, including iPhones and Android smartphones. Employees traveling or based remotely have the same opportunities to access the company org chart as everyone else.

8. Free trial and money-back guarantee

An investment in org chart software is money well spent when you have the ability to try before you buy and get a refund if you’re not satisfied.

9. Workforce planning

A live org chart evolves with the organization. When planning a reorganization or expansion, leaders can collaborate on different versions of the org chart before settling on a final structure. Org chart software also allows you to expand workforce planning beyond the C-suite to include board members, functional leaders, and anyone else who should weigh in on staffing or headcount plans.

10. Employee engagement

Org chart software can help improve engagement by increasing transparency and the flow of information among employees. The org chart can be embedded in the company intranet, all employees can be given access, and leaders can use gamification to match names to faces and learn more about their team.

11. Company Announcements

Display key information for your team in a centralized location. Mention upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries, new hires, current hiring roles, and important company announcements. Easily schedule when announcements go live, and for how long.

Org chart software makes it easy to organize teams, plan for growth, and keep everyone informed. When you evaluate org chart software options, you should select a solution that offers you flexibility, customization, and integration with the HR and enterprise systems you already use. Best-in-class org chart software goes beyond boxes and lines; it helps inform and engage the workforce.

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