Slack + Pingboard for your business Slack + Pingboard for your Business

Increase workplace collaboration with Pingboard’s Slack integration. With this Slack app, companies will enjoy:

  • Out-of-office summaries posted daily to Slack to help employees easily find who is out of office.
  • New out-of-office statuses are pushed to Slack in real-time, ensuring employees are able to coordinate more easily with each other.
  • Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hires are posted to Slack each day so employees stay connected and never miss the chance to celebrate each other.
  • A staff directory to easily find coworker contact info, so a quick Slack chat with a colleague is only one click away.

Create an account to give the Slack Add-On a spin! If you already use Pingboard, Sign in to Pingboard, then click Admin > Add-Ons > Browse.

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Slack Out-of-Office Reports

Slack Out-of-Office Reports

Pingboard creates an out-of-office channel in Slack for daily overviews and real-time updates on coworkers’ statuses. Employee statuses are searchable in Pingboard and in the reports generated in Slack.

Post company celebrations to Slack

Better employee engagement with Slack & Pingboard

Pingboard posts new hires, birthdays, and work anniversaries to the Slack channel of your choice. Help your employees stay in the loop, connect better with each other, and never miss a reason to celebrate.

Mobile Photo Directory for Employees

Quickly find and chat with anyone in your company with Pingboards’ Slack integration. Pingboard includes a staff directory where you can search for coworkers or find colleagues by navigating through your org chart software.

Real-time out of office notifications