4 Ways to Optimize Your Org Chart in 30 Minutes

3 minutes • Jun 28, 2019General
optimize your org chart

Are you looking for ways to breathe some life into your org chart? You aren’t alone. Many companies have a lackluster, ineffective org chart that isn’t being used for much of anything.

Static old-school org charts are often outdated (based on technology and employee information) and difficult to access. By making a few critical changes, you can enhance your company org chart and ensure you’re making the best possible use of it for your business.

As you think about these 30-minute updates, keep in mind your reasons for having an org chart to begin with, and the possibilities for getting more use out of it.

Think big!

In addition to showing the structure of the company, your org chart can deliver essential HR functions such as workforce planning, interactive employee directories, and work breakdown structures.

In this article, we cover four different ways you can optimize your company org chart in 30 minutes:

  1. Invest in interactive org chart software.

  2. Integrate with HR and IT systems.

  3. Create multiple org charts.

  4. Use your org chart for workforce planning.

1. Invest in interactive org chart software

Interactive org chart software (like Pingboard) is significantly more useful than the traditional static org charts made in PowerPoint. It offers a whole range of benefits in addition to demonstrating the organization’s structure, from helping with workforce planning and onboarding new hires to putting faces to names and relationship building.

Companies can also use interactive org chart software to create digital team directories that are searchable by name, title, location, and even things such as key skills, T-shirt sizes, and dietary restrictions.

Empower your team to find the right people to answer questions, assist with tasks, and plan the perfect birthday surprise.

Interactive org charts are also mobile-friendly and accessible 24/7—meaning you have access to the latest state of the organization anytime, anywhere.

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2. Integrate with HR and IT systems

By integrating interactive org chart software with your existing HR and IT systems, you can ensure your org chart is synced with accurate employee information and updated in real time.

Unlike static org charts—which are outdated almost as soon as they’re shared—interactive org charts reflect the current state of your business.

As employees transfer between departments, new hires join the team, people are promoted to new positions, PTO is approved, and special project teams are decided, your org chart is updated instantly to include that information.

>> Check out some org chart integrations here.

3. Create multiple org charts

You know what’s better than one org chart? Multiple org charts!

Create a version for your overall organization, one for each department, and even org charts for specific team projects. This helps you share the most relevant information with different teams, stakeholders, and even clients.

You can also create multiple private org charts to help manage corporate reorganizations and visualize future staffing plans.

4. Use your org chart for workforce planning

Org charts are an awesome resource for helping with workforce planning—especially with the right tools at your disposal.

Pingboard’s workforce planning charts allow you to create multiple versions of org charts and keep them secure until you’re ready to share. You can also share working drafts privately with coworkers to collaborate and get key stakeholders to weigh in on staffing plans.

A few changes can go a long way when it comes to optimizing your company org chart—especially when you have access to the right digital tools to take full advantage of everything org charts have to offer.

The benefits to replacing static org charts with real-time, collaborative org chart software like Pingboard are clear.

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