Ways Your HRIS and Org Chart Software Can Work Together

Having an effective HRIS is a top focus for any organization. In fact, a global survey of HR executives found that most respondents were either planning to purchase a new HRIS (43 percent) or had implemented a new one within the last five years (45 percent). An HRIS helps companies of any size organize employee data, ensuring the accuracy of employee information and aiding in the reporting and analysis of various aspects of the workforce. Org chart software further enhances the value of an HRIS by bringing organizational structure to life. When the two platforms are integrated, HR saves time on data entry, and employees have more information at their fingertips. Here are four ways an HRIS and org chart software work together for the benefit of the organization:

Provide More Accurate Employee Data

Org chart software can draw employee information directly from the HRIS, automatically populating all the traditional fields such as title, location, and direct reports, as well as information for custom fields such as educational background, birthday, and special skills. When the two platforms work together, employees can securely access more employee information. For example, a live org chart’s detailed employee profiles and searchable employee directory allow employees to share information about themselves and learn about their colleagues. And as employees join the organization or change roles during a reorganization, HRIS updates are automatically reflected in the integrated org chart software.

When should you consider an org chart software if you already have one in your  HRIS?  Check out this free guide. 

Connect Leaders with Teams

Your HRIS and org chart software make a powerful combination when they work together to enhance team communication and collaboration. Just as an HRIS is a great tool for helping HR gather and analyze employee data, org chart software elevates HRIS data and puts it into the hands of leaders so they can learn more about their teams. Some of the org chart software features that support a deeper connection between leaders and their teams include:

Support Greater Organizational Alignment

Org chart software translates HRIS data into a well-organized, attractive illustration of organizational structure. Whether your company is organized by geography, function, product, or customer, org chart software can use employee information from the HRIS to help you see how well employees are aligned with their team, and how teams are aligned with one another. For example, while the HRIS houses data that tells you how many direct reports a manager has, org chart software provides a visual representation of the team, helping expose possible gaps or overlaps of responsibilities within the team.

Boost Employee Self-Service

While many HRIS platforms have a self-service feature, org chart software gives employees even more ways to update and add information about themselves, including special skills, achievements, or fun facts such as their T-shirt size for the next company picnic. Org chart software also gives admin users the ability to set what information employees can edit and what can be updated only by managers, thereby preserving data integrity and keeping sensitive information private.

With the aid of modern technology, you can have a company org chart that seamlessly pulls pertinent data from the HRIS, helping employees and leaders connect, collaborate, and learn more about one another. Having an HRIS and org chart software isn’t an either/or decision. The two work together to provide a clearer view of the organization, teams, and employees.

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