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Give your people a voice

The needs of your people are always changing. Surveys are the best way for your company to measure employee engagement, gather feedback, get a pulse on what’s happening and help your employees see how much you prioritize their workplace experience.

Ask the right questions

Our templates and question library make it easy to build the right survey that reveals the peaks and pitfalls of what it’s like to work at your company. Asking the right questions helps put a laser focus on which areas of your employee experience to optimize.

Make data-driven changes to your EX

The goal of a survey is not to have employees complete it and move on. Surveys make it easier to find the patterns in employee feedback to empower you to troubleshoot the broken or missing moments of what it’s like to work at your company.

Drive retention

A feedback culture is when employees feel safe and welcome to express their opinions. Creating a feedback culture helps drive engagement and makes employees feel valued at your company which significantly affects employee morale, retention rates.

Target specific groups

Customize your survey audience to focus on a group of people like new hires, interns, managers, or a specific team. Gather the right feedback from the right audience at every stage of the employee journey.

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