University Organizational Chart Template

Check out our interactive university org chart below to see how higher educational institutions organize their departments. We've also provided common hierarchies found in university admin departments, plus descriptions for top roles typically found in larger universities.
University Org Chart Template
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University Hierarchy

Here are the roles typically found in the hierarchy of a college’s educational department. We’ve outlined the organizational structure of a business department for this example.

University President

The University President is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer for the Board of Directors. The President is typically involved in a number of high-level administrative decisions like budgets, staffing, fundraising, and being involved in relevant local, state, and federal governmental agencies. In addition to these overarching responsibilities, here are a few specific tasks that university Presidents are responsible for:

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

A university’s Provost is the Chief Academic Officer and provides leadership to all academic areas to help departments reflect the mission of the institution. The Provost provides leadership and guidance to faculty and academic staff to ensure consistency of curriculum and academic programs. In addition to these general responsibilities, here are a few specific tasks that a Provost would handle:

Dean of a College or Department

Each dean is part of the University’s executive staff and is responsible for promoting academic, administrative, and fiscal leadership across their department. Deans are responsible for establishing and tracking the goals and objectives of their department to ensure they are in line with the university’s mission. Deans are also responsible for these things:

Associate Dean

Most Associate Deans are responsible for oversight and coordination of all the programs and activities that support student recruitment, education, and retention in the college or department. They assist the dea with information dissemination to students, test administration, facilitating student employment processes, student orientation coordination, and student behavioral interventions. In addition to these general responsibilities, here are a few other things Associate Deans typically handle:

Department Head

The last rung in this university hierarchy is the department head, and for this example we’ll be looking at responsibilities. Department heads exercise leadership, demonstrate vision and empower others to execute an agreed-upon departmental strategy. Since people in this role are experts in their field, and they are responsible for ensuring the department's strategy is aligned with that of the broader educational institution, it’s up to them to communicate the focus of their curricula (across the department) to the university’s educational executives. In addition to these general responsibilities, here are other things the department head does: