Human Resources Organizational Chart Example

We’ve put together an example org chart for Human Resources departments that illustrates the main departments and their most common roles. Check out the interactive org chart below to see just one example of how to organize the essential departments, roles, and skills of your Human Resources employees.
Human Resources Org Chart Template
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HR Hierarchy & Most Common Roles

Here’s a quick overview of a typical HR department hierarchy and the job descriptions of those roles:

CHRO | Chief Human Resources Officer

The head of HR departments, whether that is the VP of Human Resources, Chief People Officer, or the CHRO, reports to the CEO, or company owner, and is typically included in the executive team. The head of the HR department determines a company’s strategy for recruiting, employee engagement, and instilling company culture. CHROs are expected to implement strategies that lead their company toward profitability and growth, so their policies should be cost-conscious and focus on expansion. Those are the general responsibilities of CHROs, and here are a few tasks that are commonly assigned to them.

HR Director, Recruiting & Development

The HR Director carries out policies, processes and procedures relating to full life-cycle human resources. Simply, HR leaders in this space are responsible for recruiting, retaining and enhancing employee performance. That’s the HR Director’s role from a general perspective, but here are a few more specific tasks:

Human Resources Manager, People Operations

The Human Resources Manager implements the strategies that the CHRO and Director have outlined. They are typically responsible for running important but time-consuming tasks like benefits, onboarding, and other compliance requirements. Because these roles touch a wide variety of HR projects, people in this role are also known as HR generalists. Here are a few specific tasks that HR managers take on:

Human Resources Coordinator

This role provides administrative and clerical support for the Human Resource Department. Responsibilities include general reception of applicants and associates and typing up reports, memos, and general correspondence. Someone in this entry-level role would typically help where needed in recruiting, workforce metrics reporting, and development of internal training materials. Here are a few more specific tasks commonly found in HR Coordinator job descriptions: