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Construction Job Title Hierarchy + Most Common Roles


A CEO in a construction company is a strategic leader, administrator, and coordinator. They provide the necessary safety, planning, organization, direction, and control to meet their company’s operational and financial goals. The CEO works with the board of directors to develop corporate strategy and establish goals based on their vision, mission, and policies. Here are a few more specific things CEOs do to meet these goals:

  • Build business plans to support corporate planning and performance
  • Provide oversight of management teams by developing, building, monitoring, and guiding professional management teams to grow the company based on market, customer, and stakeholder needs
  • Promote a high degree of morale and motivation within the company, as well as, about the company
  • Understand the market and how to capitalize on new business development opportunities using a creative and entrepreneurial approach
  • Represent the company as needed in public, corporate, business, governmental, and community negotiations and related administrative meetings
  • Act as the lead in local, state, and federal government affairs issues on behalf of the company

Finance Director

Finance leaders in this role need to have experience in construction because of the high level of competition, thin margins, and fast pace of change in the industry. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day planning, implementing, and managing of all financial-related strategies, a finance director at a construction company is expected to handle these tasks:

  • Assess organizational performance against both the annual budget and the company’s long-term strategy
  • Oversee budgetary planning and cost management in alignment with the strategic plan, especially as the organization considers acquisitions and collaborations with external organizations
  • Manage the accounting department (or agency) to ensure proper maintenance of all accounting systems and functions
  • Handle all accounting and administration, team management, cash management, insurance/real estate/legal affairs, and corporate development departments and tasks
  • Put internal controls in place and ensure compliance with GAAP and applicable federal, state, and local regulatory laws and rules for financial and tax reporting

Vice President of Construction Operations

This position is arguably the most important in a construction company. The head of the construction department will sign off on estimating, project management, and contract negotiation. VPs of Construction Ops are also responsible for hiring and supervising the project management team, then creating and managing their project budgets. VPs of Construction Ops also:

  • Oversee the conceptualization, initial design, modification, and final plans for all construction projects
  • Represent and communicate the company's construction and capital improvement objectives in project meetings
  • Direct and oversee scheduling of all construction project work
  • Develop and maintain active relationships with investors, clients, and other third-parties
  • Ensure site safety and develop the construction best practices plan (aka SWPPP compliance).

Senior Project Manager

A construction company’s lead project manager is a vital example to the rest of the company because they’re in charge of project completion and quality control. Here are common responsibilities for the senior project manager:

  • Actively manage multiple projects to ensure they are well-operated and achieve successful completion within budget and in schedule
  • Create and implement specifications and document plan procedures for construction, managing start and finish times, safety, quality, and staffing/subcontractor requirements for each phase of construction
  • Read, understand, and apply standard-to-complex documents affecting construction projects, including but not limited to: agreements/contracts, leases, work letters, project charters, surveys, and drawings
  • Track progress of each project against goals, objectives, approved budgets, and approved timelines; this includes reporting estatus and variances and creating action plans to meet objectives, budgets and schedules
  • Hire and oversee superintendents, general contractors, and subcontractors

Construction Superintendent

All of the positions discussed so far are involved in the planning and managing of construction projects, but the superintendent is responsible for being on site every day. The construction superintendent is responsible for running a safe, clean, timely, and economical construction site. Here are a few more specific responsibilities:

  • Schedule, coordinate, and supervise employee and subcontractor activities
  • Draft and generate all project purchase requisitions, field design change requests, and others
  • Provide technical assistance, such as the interpretation of drawings and recommending construction methods and equipment
  • Meet with the building inspector for pre-final inspections for all disciplines
  • Perform quality control of materials received on the project

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