Construction Company Organizational Chart Template

Ready to get started building an org chart for your construction company? Check out our example below for ideas around construction job titles and hierarchies, as well as key roles within a construction company.
Construction Company Org Chart Template
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Construction Job Title Hierarchy + Most Common Roles


A CEO in a construction company is a strategic leader, administrator, and coordinator. They provide the necessary safety, planning, organization, direction, and control to meet their company’s operational and financial goals. The CEO works with the board of directors to develop corporate strategy and establish goals based on their vision, mission, and policies. Here are a few more specific things CEOs do to meet these goals:

Finance Director

Finance leaders in this role need to have experience in construction because of the high level of competition, thin margins, and fast pace of change in the industry. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day planning, implementing, and managing of all financial-related strategies, a finance director at a construction company is expected to handle these tasks:

Vice President of Construction Operations

This position is arguably the most important in a construction company. The head of the construction department will sign off on estimating, project management, and contract negotiation. VPs of Construction Ops are also responsible for hiring and supervising the project management team, then creating and managing their project budgets. VPs of Construction Ops also:

Senior Project Manager

A construction company’s lead project manager is a vital example to the rest of the company because they’re in charge of project completion and quality control. Here are common responsibilities for the senior project manager:

Construction Superintendent

All of the positions discussed so far are involved in the planning and managing of construction projects, but the superintendent is responsible for being on site every day. The construction superintendent is responsible for running a safe, clean, timely, and economical construction site. Here are a few more specific responsibilities: