Org Chart App

Browse your org chart from anywhere using the Pingboard Android and iPhone apps

Put a face to a name with Who's Who

Who’s Who is a fun game that helps you put faces to names and know your coworkers better, whether you just joined the company or you’re visiting an office for the first time. There’s even a leaderboard that shows who knows your company best!

Look up details on the go

Pull up team members’ profiles on your phone. Put faces to names before walking into meetings with new coworkers or those you might have forgot -- don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Syncs to your phone’s address book

Choose whether to sync company contacts with the address book on your phone. Pingboard keeps the information up-to-date in the background, even adding new hires as they come on board.

I lost all my contacts on my phone. A coworker said to try the Pingboard mobile app. I installed it and within seconds had all my coworkers contact info and more on my phone! #Lifesaver”

BJ Winkler
Senior Manager, Customer Experience | WP Engine