Recurring 1:1s built for distributed teams

Teach managers and employees to prepare for their 1:1 so they can focus on relationship building and employee growth

Grow together, while apart

Today’s employees want regular feedback, but managers don’t always know how to conduct an effective 1:1. Pingboard 1:1s is more than just another meeting; it helps cultivate a relationship. Both people are reminded to prepare so the meeting itself focuses on alignment, building trust, and identifying employee development opportunities.

Capture every win

Employees can log their own personal highlight reel, which also makes things a lot easier when it comes time for annual reviews.

Turn your managers into coaches

A manager who regularly checks in is more likely to know where the employee wants to take their career—and help get them there. With a prompt to prepare beforehand, both the employee and their manager collaborate on an editable agenda and set recurring topics for a personalized conversation.

Improve relationships, company-wide

Enable anyone to schedule a recurring 1:1 meeting with anyone else in the company. Employee profiles give a more holistic view of the person you’re meeting with. Both people reflect on who deserves peer recognition at your organization and can submit it straight from the meeting. And with our Slack integration, any recognition is shared in real-time, helping to build a culture of appreciation.

Human updates, not status updates

By teaching your managers to ask open-ended questions, these 1:1 meetings help identify burnout or other organizational inefficiencies before it becomes a bigger problem. When you empower employee feedback, you create a more transparent and engaged workforce.

What are you grateful for this week?
What are you proud of?
What's your biggest concern?
What are you excited about?

Turn your managers into coaches