Help New Hires Feel at Home

Make remote onboarding a welcoming experience

Give essential info on (or before!) day one

Use the power of Pingboard to ease first-day anxiety, build confidence, and create excitement! The welcome email invites them to fill out their profiles and explore the space, and you can customize it with links to onboarding docs and other first-day info. Start an employee’s first day with transparency and you’ll set the tone for it moving forward.

Improve Onboarding with New Hire Surveys

A new-hire survey helps you check-in and learn what’s going well and where you can make changes to your onboarding for future new employees.

Help new hires learn who’s who

Spotlight is an engaging way to put a face to a name and learn fun facts about coworkers, and it’s especially helpful as part of the onboarding process. The Who’s Who game on Pingboard’s mobile app is similar—put a face to a name, but on the go.

Org Chart

Show how everyone fits together

Improve your newest employees’ onboarding experience by giving them access to the org chart. When employees see a clear and beautiful visual of how teams work together and where they fit in, they’ll be more prepared to hit the ground running.

Learn more about the Org Chart

Retain new hires with better first impressions

Don’t underestimate the power of having a 1:1 meeting during a person’s first week. It could be the most important connection they make in order to feel comfortable and connected in their new role. New employees aren’t expecting perfection, rather to feel like someone on their team cares about them.

“Pingboard is a crucial part of our onboarding process. New hires can look up who someone is, where they sit, who they report to, and learn fun facts about them. It makes them feel connected to the person before a conversation even happens!”

Stanley Ung • People & Talent Partner

Make everyone feel welcome—right from the start

It’s not easy being green. Er, new. It’s not easy being new! Pingboard is big on making people feel comfortable and celebrated.