Pingboard for Nonprofit Organizations

Eligible nonprofits can receive a discount on their Pingboard license.

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Teacher helping a student in an educational nonprofit organization
Pingboard is used by over 40+ nonprofits including
  • Accion Opportunity Fund
  • Capital Area Immigrants Rights
  • Do Good
  • Inspirited Minds
  • LatinX Ed
  • Martha Vineyards Hospital
  • Miles College
  • Represent Us
  • Tampa Bay Wave
  • Upwardly Global
  • Watered Gardens
  • Younglife

Work on your mission

We'll help your team stay connected.

We offer a 20% discount for all nonprofits and offer a 100% discount towards a single Pingboard account for US-based nonprofits whose primary focus is working toward social justice or equality for underrepresented groups. Contact us for more information:

Request a Nonprofit Discount

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