Pingboard maintains an up-to-date list of the names and locations of all sub-processors used for data hosting or other processing of personal data.

This list is below, or you can obtain a copy by contacting


Sub-Processor Location Scope of Processing
Amazon AWS USA Core hosting infrastructure
Bonsai USA Search indexing
Cloudflare USA Content distribution and security, including DDOS and abuse prevention
FileStack USA Image & file storage
Heroku USA Core hosting infrastructure
Mailgun USA Sending application messages (email)
Validity USA Email analytics and deliverability platform
MemCachier USA Database caching
Twilio USA Sending application messages (sms) USA API for integrations with some HRIS providers. Only processes data for customers who use those providers.

Customer Service

Sub-Processor Location Scope of Processing
HubSpot USA Customer Relationship Management
Intercom USA Contextual conversations with customers and website visitors
Zendesk USA Support ticketing
Zuora USA Billing

Other Functions

Sub-Processor Location Scope of Processing
Airbrake USA Error logging
FullStory USA Analytics
Google Analytics USA Analytics and signup conversion tracking
Productboard USA Product management system
Segment USA Middleware to enable many of the listed sub-processors