Fun Team Building Games to Get to Know Coworkers

The Who's Who game for your company

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Put a face to a name

Google it and you’ll see countless articles on hacks for remembering names. It’s important to people everywhere—us too. Check out the Spotlight quiz on web and the Who’s Who game on mobile. Help your team eliminate “Hey…you!” from their vocabularies, whether they’re new hires, tenured employees, or somewhere in between.

Get to know coworkers with a fun quiz

After you put a face to a name, you’ll see an interesting fact about each person (their skills, hometown, start date, interests, and others). Did you know Selma likes foraging? Or that Vish has 3 pet weiner dogs? Now you do!

Help leaders connect with their people

Employees at a company usually know their leaders by name, but the opposite isn’t always true. We get it; even at medium-sized companies, it’s hard to know everyone. But research tells us that calling someone by name is powerful. Who’s Who helps leaders really connect with their people, starting with knowing their first names.

“When I’m going to an event and I have new staff, it’s great to be able to plan ahead and put a face to the name of someone I’m meeting for the first time.”

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Help your people connect with their coworkers