Use Cases

Employee Onboarding Software

Integrate your growing team with one another by helping them put a face to the name and making team information handy.

Employee Directory

Know everyone's name

Search through your directory, so you can put a face to the name. Browse through your company via org chart, skills, department, location, and more. Keep things organized by assigning people to groups and departments, like “Dev team” or “Event Planners”.

Get connected

Learn more about your coworkers by searching through related skills and interests. Tear down the barriers between different departments and office locations. Onboard new hires quickly with the ability to browse through your directory.

Stay in the know with Weekly Updates

Make sure everyone remembers important events. Your weekly newsletter informs the team about new hires, vacations, birthdays, and work anniversaries. All automated by the information within your directory.

Keep important contacts handy

Pingboard always has up to date contact information about your coworkers. New hires and updated information are synced instantly in the background, so you never have to second guess yourself.