See What Employee Networking Software Can Do for Your People

Give everyone context and easy access to important information

Pingboard helps you be transparent and eliminate silos, leading to more empowered, efficient, and better-working teams. Learn how our beautiful employee directory, org chart, and integrations help everyone from leadership on down have the context to work better together.

“Being a small company, we don't necessarily have the budget to invest in an expensive tool. Pingboard is an important resource that our employees truly enjoy using.”

Cheryl Trbula • Vice President of Human Resources
Asure Software

Keep remote teams connected

Few solutions exist to unite remote employees and distributed offices around your organization’s essential info in an employee-friendly way. Our simple peer recognition tool, employee dashboard, and get-to-know-you features help everyone feel engaged and connected no matter where they work.

“Pingboard really helps maintain our close family culture and connects our remote locations. It’s brought us all together and keeps us connected.”

Beth McFarland • Training Specialist

Make Onboarding Better

Research shows1 that new hires can take almost 2 years to get fully up to speed at your company. We’re not knocking external hires; they bring new ideas and help teams grow. Pingboard helps you onboard new people more quickly, enabling them to understand their coworkers, teams, and the broader org so they can have impact right from the start.

“Pingboard is a key part of my new hire orientation now. When somebody starts, we introduce them to Pingboard and say ‘this is going to be your best friend!’”

Landon Pearson • SVP, Human Resources

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