Case Study

Alisa Ongbhaibulya
Even though we’re spread out in different offices, we want people to work cross functionally. But it's hard to get people on the same page. Pingboard was the solution for us!” Alisa Ongbhaibulya | HR Operations Specialist

Challenges: Unifying employees across eight different time zones

Alisa Ongbhaibulya joined B-Stock Solutions as an HR Operations Specialist, tasked with developing and implementing processes to help the company scale. In 2017, B-Stock began aggressively hiring new employees to establish its position as the world’s leading liquidation platform. Alisa supported this hiring by scheduling interviews and connecting candidates with the right colleagues.

However, soon after joining, Alisa realized that B-Stock didn’t have an up-to-date employee directory. Instead, she says, “my manager gave me a 13-page Excel spreadsheet filled with employee data. Blown up to a readable format, it took up an entire wall in our office.”

But there were a few problems, size aside. The printed copy lacked the details she needed to schedule interviews, like contact info and email addresses; it still included many employees who didn’t work there anymore; and, because it was printed out, the list was impossible to share with other team members working remotely.

B-Stock employees work out of four different offices (San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Salt Lake City, and Orlando) or remotely, in places as far away as the United Kingdom. Adding to the scheduling complexity, employees often span as many as eight time zones. Alisa needed insight into who was where, working which role, and how they related to each other. She needed to know who was in or out of the office on a given day so she could make sure they had time with candidates at their fast-growing company.

“When I schedule interviews, I’ve got to know who I’m talking to. When I’m connecting the candidate and the interviewer, I want to make sure that the candidate has everything that they need to know, like the person’s correct title. I didn’t have any of that.”

Our remote people felt like they were floating on an island. There was no directory. Nothing was updated."

Solution: Pingboard replaces the static spreadsheet with an employee directory and real-time, interactive org chart

Alisa had used Pingboard at a previous company and loved how it gave everyone the essential info they needed to get their jobs done, strengthened communication between oft-siloed teams, and showed employees at a glance how everyone fit together. She went to her manager to request they try Pingboard. Aside from giving her all of the info she needed to schedule interviews for recruits, she also knew it could help with onboarding new people once hired.

After a free trial of Pingboard, B-Stock’s HR team was hooked. Pingboard offered a full-service solution that included an interactive directory, a mobile org chart, and out of office management. The Pingboard team was attentive at every step with clear explanations.

Pingboard not only replaced the outdated spreadsheet, It became a company-wide tool, immediately accessible to all employees, no matter where they worked.

Within two weeks, most employees were actively searching for people, adding helpful information about themselves. It enabled employees to easily search for colleagues by name, location, skills, role, or other criteria.

If they forgot a person’s name—a common and understandable problem for new hires—they could look through the photo directory or search by role. Alisa explains, “It makes it much easier to find people when you’re new and you wonder, ‘Who was that person on the finance team?’”

Pingboard’s mobile org chart lets colleagues see how B-Stock’s teams are organized. The interactive org chart can be sorted by team, project, product, or office, enabling the cross-functional collaboration B-Stock needs to accomplish its goals. The org chart even shows dotted line relationships and open positions that are actively being recruited on..

Soon after launch, HR began receiving updates from teams whose structures had been incorrect in the legacy spreadsheet. Mistakes that had lingered unchecked for years were now easily corrected with the org chart’s simple drag-and-drop interface. Alisa and her team can easily share revised org charts via a secure link or export them into PowerPoint presentations.

B-Stock is also using Pingboard’s Out of Office tool to simplify how employees request time off while tracking who plans to be out of the office. Employees can use Pingboard to set real-time statuses to show when they are out sick, on vacation, traveling, or working remotely.

In less than a year, Pingboard has become an integral part of B-Stock’s culture, helping colleagues connect while building a strong foundation for future growth.

Results: A more united team with less growing pains

Long-term employees use Pingboard to manage their evolving roles. As Alisa explains, “One of the teams was doing some shifting and they were able to map everything out using the planning feature, then share it with me.” Best of all, once I accepted the changes, they were immediately reflected live in Pingboard for anyone in the company to view.

Pingboard has also become foundational to the B-Stock Solutions onboarding process. Each new hire learns how to use the app to find new colleagues, explore other teams, and add their own photos and details. The app helps them get up to speed more quickly, with a helpful flashcard game to learn names and faces.

Event planning has become an easier, more streamlined process. Pingboard, keeps tabs on things like employees’ favorite foods, dietary preferences, allergies, and even t-shirt sizes. A simple report can quickly help you customize and prepare a gathering for a large group of people.

B-Stock SOlutions takes advantage of Pingboards integration with their HRIS, BambooHR. Because of this integration, Pingboard is always up to date, showing only current employees and helpful details about them. As the team continues to grow, Employee communication keeps improving now that everyone can access an always up-to-date employee directory--from their phone.

Admins in Pingboard can make private copies of the Pingboard org chart to plan future growth. These drafts can be shared with the appropriate executives before they are rolled out.

In less than a year, Pingboard has become an integral part of B-Stock’s culture, helping colleagues connect while building a strong foundation for future growth. Alisa says, “Pingboard has made us much less siloed, especially for our remote employees and all our new hires.

Now that we have Pingboard in place, it makes it so much easier to find people. We’re very happy."

B-Stock Solutions operates a network of retailers and manufacturers that enables resellers to buy liquidation and overstock inventory directly from enterprise retailers.